A wise man once said that the journey is oftentimes more important than the destination. I found this to be true, when I set out on a journey against popular opinion- a war against my comfort zone. This was a journey that my soul longed for. My body willed it and my Spirit conceived it.

It had been a while since I last did a road trip. Interestingly, road trips bring strangers together. From the person who led prayers to everyone else who said amen just because of the unknowns that could be on the road. As usual, afterwards I had my ears plugged the whole trip.

The beauty, and the change of environment from city to city was beyond my comprehension. God really took time to create us differently and with different environments where we can thrive.

My first stop was the waterfalls, called Erin Ijesha waterfalls in Osun state, Nigeria. Although I was too tired (and quite unfit) to climb to the top, I was yet amazed by the magnificent water pouring down the rocks.

There were 7 stages of the waterfall but I could only get to the third 😅

I often say that when we journey to discover only ourselves, we find our hollow existence. But when we journey to find God, we discover His greatness and our part to play in the grand scheme of things. This was one of such trips for me. In nature, I found God.

From new towns and new languages to making new friends and having amazing tour guides. Everything had me gasping for air. Well, everything asides my accommodation and poor feeding 😂 (Bread and soda knew my name)

I was thrilled when I made it to the top of Idanre Hills, a vantage point where you could see the whole town. Knowing people literally lived on the hilltops as far back as 1900s was so cool. There was this entire settlement including courtrooms, prisons, palaces and schools. What I wouldn’t give to live on a hilltop!😁

An old graveyard
A glimpse of the community all on the hill top

Found cherry and cashews on the hilltop
Penned my M. Insignia on the ancient walls 😅

Beyond exploring nature, beyond taking a much needed break for my withering soul, this was a time to be one with nature and one with God. To see His majestic creation and remember that there was nothing He couldn’t do. I saw how tiny I was and yet, how loved I was by the maker of the universe.

I hope that one day, you let go of the fear and take a journey of discovery where you find God, and you find you. ❤️

Happy New month!



16 thoughts on “M. The Explorer

  1. I would absolutely love to go on a road trip like this. I remember one excursion I had gone for in SS1, it was at Ososo hills in Edo state, we could see the road leading to Kofo state from the tallest hill. Very frightening yet cool. I don’t think climbing is my thing though, seeing that I almost fell and would have lost my life or at best, broken some limbs🤣
    Thank God I’m safe though and I totally agree with the fact that nature is God’s greatest evangelist.


  2. Beautiful photos! I went to Alaska a few years ago, and I am amazed at how seeing the mountains, vast plains, and icebergs made me feel so close to God. I had to thank Him for all of His creation. Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to read more of your posts! ✌


  3. Hi, my name is Dimitris Karvelis Ι grew up in a Greek small heavenly island between the green and immense light blue called Skopelos. When I was a child I wanted to be near the nature. Growing and additionally to social growth rate I neglected nature and adventure seeking. I created this Blog to share my new adventures travels and outdoor activities both in Greece and abroad

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