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Day 8 – Foolish Things

Happy weekend to you! Hope you’re getting the much needed rest. Was feeling a little under the weather, but we still show up! 😉

Today’s challenge is on foolish things.

I remember as a kid I did many foolish things, most of which are blurry right now. I do remember sticking my tongue to the fridge —either in an attempt to lick the ice or take a gulp of milk— all I remember is getting stuck. More like electrocuted. I guess my relationship with the fridge was long in the making. 😁

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Day 6: Unspoken Law

Hi everyone!

Thanks for following the writing challenge so far! It’s day 6! And while I’ve felt like giving up, I know I’ve gotta do this. Are you with me? 😀 Let’s roll!

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I believe one of the unspoken laws we have in our universe is that of mutual respect. Everyone is worthy of respect.

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Day 4: Can’t be taught

Birds flying high,

Who taught you to fly?

One moment you were born,

The next, you knew the sky was your playground,

With every flutter of your wing,

You knew you were made for more than this,

More than just being nestled,

More than just sitting on a branch.

Oh bird!

Who taught you to soar?

To take great risks,

While throwing caution in the wind,

To sit on high tension cords,

With the world at your feet.

Perhaps flying can’t be taught,

Being your real self can’t be taught,

Being who you’re meant to be in the world can’t be taught,

You just do it!

You just fly!

-m.e. 2020