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A day will come when I would walk into this room and you won’t be here 

Your black orchid scent will cease from lingering 

Your music will stop playing in the background 

Your resounding laughter will fade away 

And all I’ll be left with are your memories 

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The Joy Factor



Ever been sad before?

Like really taken out,

You cannot place your fingers on it.

That is the devil trying to steal your joy!

In moments of gloom

You find no trace of strength

That is the devil trying to take your peace!

The day when anger creeps in

You notice a loss of control

That is the devil trying to waste your love!

When you begin to live life

As though Christ never overcame

That is the devil making you lose your salvation!

Don’t allow him do that!

Tell him ‘no!’ literally:

You cannot have my mind

You cannot have my life

You cannot have anything the LORD has freely given unto me.

Take your emotional baggage 

and get out of this temple!

Now, have you ever been joyful before?

You will right now

When you understand the truth

Joy is you sustenance

Through every situation

It does not…

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Guest Post

How Meditation before sleep can enrich your life in more ways than you think

After a long and tiring day at work, you quickly finish your dinner and other routine chores so you can go to bed early just to have a good 8-hour long sleep. Instead, you end up tossing and turning, thinking about the new project that’s about to start or the weird thing that your boss said and before you know it, it’s already 2 am. When you haven’t slept enough the next morning you’re tired and fatigued and that results in poor productivity and inefficiency at work. Don’t you just wish you knew a magic trick to simply shut off your mind from these unnecessary random thoughts and go to sleep as soon as you hit the pillow? Well, we have a solution, Meditation! Continue reading

The ‘Craziness’


If you would write at all: why not tell the truth?

Of real life trends…

realityThe relationship crisis of AS and AS/AC not being able to get married to each other; in spite of the prospects of a blissful relationship.

The reality of girls becoming ‘friend-girls’ to guys that claim they have master-plans and are on a search for a particular helpmate. Similar to that, guys getting stuck in the ‘friend-zone’ trap.

The career waiting period that entails writing series of tests and getting crawling response rates from Human Resource (HR) departments of ‘reputable’ Firms. This leads to the bane of underemployment or brain-freezing unemployment (worst case scenario).

The rough edges that arise from; youth independence, start-up initiatives, dream implementation, brand development. In simple terms; the first two years of blogging, the first 5 months of a start-up business, the first year of an event-initiative, the first 6 months of…

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