I remember how I’d make lofty plans that all hinged on ‘If only I had time for myself’. It’s a lot easier to make these plans when you’re stuck in a routine. But when you get that free time, there’s a huge tendency for you to waste it. If you’re an introvert like me, you may just end up cocooning in your room the whole time without even knowing what the sky looks like.

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I mean, Netflix and junk food isn’t so bad, except it becomes your everyday solace. So here are a few things I’d suggest:

  1. Travel and Explore: if you’ve been following my blog this year, you’d know I’m M. the Explorer—a little girl constantly tryna step out of her comfort zone to see the world differently. You can do the same! What places have you always wanted to visit? If money is a problem, look for low budget but equally beautiful places. Remember the best things in life are free! 😁
  1. Visit art galleries: check for art galleries in your state and just soak in the beauty of art. 👩🏽‍🎨👨🏽‍🎨If you don’t understand much about art like me, go along with a friend who doesn’t get it as well so y’all will spend more time figuring out WTH was going on in the artist’s mind 😂😂
  1. Nature walks and anything involving the woody or rocky outdoors. Take in the magnificence of nature and cleanse yourself of toxicity. Declutter your mind and personal space of negative vibes. Take walks on the beach with your shoes off, or stroll around your estates. Bask in the beauty around you and develop a deep appreciation for the One who created it all.
  1. Visit food courts: well duh, food had to be on the list! 😂 Excite your taste buds people! 😁Try the type of food you don’t regularly make in your kitchen.
  1. Try new recipes: still on food, you can watch Food channel or go on YouTube to learn new recipes. Give it a try at home! It’s so much fun. Just try not to burn down the house 😁
  1. Discover new talents: I recently discovered that I’m a great lip sync artist 😏 Haha. Well, I’ve actually started exploring videos and put some up on my Instagram handles (@daintymblog, @dainty_m) You can check them out! Boredom has a way of leading you to your natural talents. Find them and develop them!
  1. Start a new venture: I always shy away from business, but recently I’m becoming more open. Launching M’s Pick Me Up Jars was one of the most exciting times for me this year. Being able to do something you love and getting paid for it is the dream! 😁 Look around you and see what you can use to create more wealth.
  2. Study: be a lifelong learner. Read more books, study the word, research, listen to podcasts, watch funny videos, LoL. Whatever you can learn from, learn!
  1. Invest in relationships: as a ‘family and friends’ champion, I don’t take my relationships lightly. Each relationship is unique just as each person is unique. Take out time to tailor make your relationships to suit each person of value in your life. Make calls, send messages, attend birthdays, be there for them—be present.
  1. Learn a new language: part of exploration is learning new languages and understanding cultures asides yours. I’ve had 2 semesters of French that I didn’t fully utilize 🙈 But free time helped me pick it up and it’s really fun. I also forged new friendships with people from other countries and it’s amazing learning new stuff about their cultures. So you don’t necessarily have to travel out to explore new cultures, you could optimize the beauty in social media and learn some more!
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That’s it for now! I’d be sure to update the list as life goes on 😁 Do you have other suggestions on how one can spend free time? Please share in the comments section!



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