Last weekend was pretty unsettling for me. I was looking for something that I desperately needed to use at the salon. My hair closure. For those who don’t know, closures are these parted sections of weaves that bring the hair style together nicely. Just before you run off thinking I’m gonna be talking about hair all through, you may wanna sit in for this, it gets spicy 😉

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Coming from an anxiety-prone millennial, I couldn’t stand not finding that particular closure. I upturned every part of my room and still couldn’t find it. As expected, it began to reflect on my mood. My sister probably told me ‘sorry’ a thousand times because I was so anxious and worried. Well, I couldn’t make the hair that weekend. But you know what?

Sometimes, you may not find the closure that you need. 

Looking for a great definition of closure that applies to us, I found this by Merriam Webster dictionary: 

an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality.

In one way or the other, many of us have sought closure desperately. You know, if only they could tell us why they left us. Or if only they could explain why we were forced to resign. Or if only God will make us understand why He allowed death to take our dearly beloved ones. Then we will have closure- a comforting or satisfying sense of finality. 

That would be perfect, wouldn’t it? If for every closing chapter of our life we had a satisfying end. Like a case where a breakup is just two people saying ‘hey this isn’t working’ and they shake on it in agreement to stay away. Haha, that would be something! However, life doesn’t guarantee that. You will have emotions that get tangled up. You’ll try to find explanations and reasons for why stuff is happening to you, but you may never find them. And hey, this can be so frustrating.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from not finding my hair closure, it’s that sometimes you won’t find closure. You won’t understand why they hurt you; or why you lost a loved one, or even a job. Heck! You may never even get an apology or an explanation as to why they did what they did.

But that’s okay.

One day, you’ll wake up and find out you’ve moved on- even without finding answers or getting the kind of closure you wanted. One day, you’ll rise with the sun, dance with the rain and live freely with the birds. 

Remember, it’s okay not to find closure. 🌹🌹🌹

Ps: I still haven’t found my hair closure, but at least it has stopped driving me crazy. 😭😁

Have a lovely week ahead!



8 thoughts on “Finding Closure

  1. I love this allegory, and how we can find deep meaning in such seemingly small matters. I will take the lesson, rather than the closure (pun-intended) any day! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  2. This is such a cool post Mfon! I missed your fresh and fun writing. 🙂 I had no idea what a hair closure was until now, and I’m sure it was terrifying to lose it! But this analogy is awesome and a great reminder that sometimes we gotta let go and let God.


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