Sometime last year, I went on a tour of some natural attractions in Southwestern Nigeria. These were states I hadn’t been to before and I didn’t know anyone there. Yet, I was drawn to the sounds of waterfalls and of heights yet unseen. So I did the most insane thing to do— pick up a backpack with little cash and take the trip!

You can read more about those trips here.

What I didn’t tell you then is that I took the trip alone, call it a ‘solo-cation’. I’m not one to take risks easily, but when it comes to holding snakes on my neck or jumping off to see cities I’ve never been to, I get a little reckless. I say that in a good way.

Life can’t be fully enjoyed in the confines of one’s box. Sometimes you need to break out of it to make your footprints in the sands of time. I love solo-cations because they give you room to think. Room to embrace your great personality. Room to connect with your essence and discover who you truly are. It also allows you meet new people and open your mind to life’s amazing surprises.

A friend who I met on my trip to Ondo, reminded me that exactly a year ago I had saved him from boredom by taking him on the tour of Idanre Hills. If only he knew that it worked both ways. He also saved me from being kidnapped as I couldn’t speak the language 😂.

Traveling is all about the journey, meeting people, tasting new foods, climbing heights you never thought you could, taking risks you only ever dreamt of. Traveling sparks my creativity, sharpens my mind, and opens up my heart to this big great world.

I hope the videos play! 😩

My next trip will be coming up soon. If you’re in Lagos and would wanna join me, please let me know! (You could send a direct message on IG to @dainty_m)

Here’s to exploring more of God’s amazing creations!

With love,

M. ❤️

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