Why do we fight with God? 

Now that’s a question I find hard to comprehend 

Mortals constantly striving with immortality 

Pointing our stubby little fingers at the Almighty 

Blaming Him for the woes 

As though He owes us 

Why do we fight with God? 

Refusing to go to His presence 

Because He didn’t give us what we wanted 

Oh if you could see 

That He had something better for you 

You would run to Him with thanks 

Why do we fight with God? 

Little creatures pissed at their creator 

Does that even make any sense? 

It is He who created you, 

Not you yourself 

He gives life and takes as He please 

Why do we fight with God? 

How dare we call Him to court 

To question Him for what He has done? 

Have you forgotten the earth is His? 

And everything in it 

He does as He pleases! 

Mortals die but He doesn’t 

Humans get estranged 

But His love for you remains unchanged  

He keeps saying ‘Come…’ 

When you turn your back and run

He still waits for you with arms open wide 

God is ever merciful 

He is love personified 

He loves little dusty us 

So what charges do you have to raise 

Against the one who deserves your praise? 

Why do you fight with God? 

© Mfon Etuk, 2016


19 thoughts on “Why do we Fight with God?

  1. I love ur writeup especially the parts that said little dusty us, almost sounds like a cartoon character, dusty, are u sure u haven’t been watching a lot of cartoons? anyway, its the truth when we look at all that’s been happening in the world today. a Pope even said Jesus is not coming back again, hilarious right? keep up the good work dear, God is ur strength. we should keep praying for the lost regardless, Jesus doesn’t want anyone to perish because as u said, he is love personified.


    1. Exactly! You’ve said it all! We need to pray for the lost regardless. Haha, I didn’t even remember the cartoon character, Dusty! You see, you’re the one watching cartoons lately 😛 Thank you so much for shedding more light on this Amy! 😀 ❤


  2. Great words! Sometime when covered by all the weight of life and no visible help I see approach me, I tend to feel reluctant going to His presence or go do any church activities in my mind thinking I’m going to punish Him but the truth is a disservice I am doing to myself but there is a thing in me that fights strongly against this and eventually I find myself in the house of God.
    I think most of us have this same “thing” drive us when we don’t want to. We know our God can deliver anytime but even if we don’t have what we asked for, it is all good because at the end things will always workout for our good to glorify His name.the thing is our bodies and minds cannot bring themselves to accept this even tho that is the truth so they fight against it even tho they know the truth!
    May God help and help us operate with a minds like His🙏


    1. Amen! Ah! The battlefield of the mind! I know that struggle all too well. My body and mind constantly fight with my spirit. But once we control our minds by renewing it daily with the word of God, we begin to win the battle. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. God bless you! 🙂

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  3. Funnily enough this was one of the theme of my quiet time this morning while going through the book of Job.
    It has been human sinful to point fingers at anything, anyone including God but ourselves.
    Until we imbibe the belief that if a witches can’t use evil to chastise his children, how much more our loving heavenly father.
    When you complain and blame, you are compounding the problem by releasing negative energy.


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