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This post is gonna take you back to the good ol’ days! (I hope) 

So, I slumped into the bus seat in exhaustion. All I could think of was my rumpled bed and my favourite spot in front of the TV. I interchange both places. As the traffic dragged along like a snail race, I took note of the secondary school guys who were playing music and singing along on the other side of the bus. I could immediately tell the social group they belonged to, one I’d call the ‘cool crew’. The guys who would probably be tagged the ‘jocks’ in a high school setting. It quickly took me down memory lane.

Needless to say I was one of the nerdy kids who would probably fall head over heels for the cool crew. They were sorta the bad gang who were daring enough while in school. I was more nose deep in books and did little or no daring adventure. But I couldn’t help admiring these guys who seemed to have some out of this world confidence. They’d seat in a group and I’d dread having to walk pass them. I was that shy!  

That’s not the sweet part of the memory though. The sweet part was having that guy who liked you. You know, that your buddy in science class, the brilliant one with impeccable manners. He’d be by your side even after you made a complete fool of yourself in front of the cool crew. 😊

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Secondary school was an interesting part of my life. Growing with total strangers, making some inseparable friends and playing the immature card way too many times. I remember how senior girls would make up for dinner at the dining hall, which was just a block away! And by make up, I mean white loose powder and cheap, oily lip gloss. Then the body sprays! Gee! You’d think we were trying to bring all the bees together 😂

The guys were also pretty aware puberty had kicked in. They’d starch and iron their light cotton shirts to impress the girls. Clean their shoes hourly as though they took a walk in the Sahara Desert. It was pure, undiluted admiration and attraction!

Though most people tag secondary school love as child’s play, in retrospect I think it was real love. I may be naive, but I don’t think the guys wanted to be baby daddy’s then. They just felt this thing they couldn’t define. They’d make a total fool of themselves in front of the girls- who were pretty impressed by the gimmicks!

Ah! The love letters.

lovenotes 1
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I still long for handwritten love notes. Technology has taken that away from me. But I still have some hand written cards that I cherish till date. So yes, I think the secondary school love was beautiful, innocent and pure. Come on, you were not expecting much- receiving a pack of biscuits, juice and sweets were like receiving a box of Louis Vuitton shoes!

Ah yes! Valentines days were the best in school…that’s if you had someone that cared enough to send you stuffs. I think I was pretty lucky in that regard. I still say my final year valentines was the best! I got bottles of wine and an adorable teddy bunny and handwritten cards. I smiled as though I received a medal! Of course, I played the whole ‘he’s my friend’ card to everyone who tried to tease me. But some 7 years down the line I still ‘blush’ at that very fond memory.  I can’t remember being that young and giddy anymore.

Whatever happened to that childlike love?

I think we should love each other as we did when we were young and innocent. Not caring so much about the oversized shirts or the non-fitting hairstyles. Laughing at every not so funny joke. Passing notes between classes because we just wanted to say hi.

Can we go back to a time where love doesn’t make high demands on the other? A time where love is as sweet as unprocessed honey? I wish we could.

I just discovered I was smiling all through as I tapped away on my phone and some passengers are giving me the look. *Chuckles* Gotta stop now.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,


 Your Turn

So what are your fond secondary school/ high school stories? Please share in the comment section. Feel free to write tons of paragraphs! I’d love to read em! 😉

38 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Days!

  1. Abeg, that Hellhole of a time period, I never want to remember that time. It’s easy for you na you a girl, you guys had it easy, there are no fond memories from secondary school for me.


  2. I think my final year in secondary school was the best… We had grown closer and we all knew each other a lot more…I enjoyed the glances we would share when a teacher told a lame joke…sometimes we would laugh to mock the teacher but the teacher would think we genuinely thought the joke was funny and that would make us laugh even more…your post is amazing…thanks for sharing…xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


    1. Hahaha, I did a bit of that. Especially the glances between friends at a teacher’s lame joke. Kinda sounds mean when I think of it now, being that I’ve had my fair share of being a ‘teacher’ (thanks to NYSC) 😀

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      1. Yeah what goes around comes around right? I am hoping for a sort of teaching job next semester and am like if the students are mean to me then…i guess i will have to take it with a pint of salt…keeping my fingers crossed though.

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  3. It took me a while to realize secondary school is the same as high school! I was a nerd, and only had three friends, but I loved them dearly! I remember waking up before the sun…hating life lol. I remember checking out boys with my friends and going out to lunch when I was old enough. I remember the cute art teacher and the horrid AP biology exams or math homework. And I remember my first love my junior year ♡ what a beautifully tragic time high school was!


    1. LOL. Isn’t it funny how there’s this entire mix of memories? I think your high school story is pretty interesting. I’ll probably probe further about the first love in junior year 😉 I couldn’t even get my biology drawings right and maths was a no, no Haha! Beautifully tragic time…I like that description! Thanks for sharing Emily! xx

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  4. My high school was boring as I could imagine it. I actually wrote “fool in love” and “men too cry” on my blog depicting my first love journey.
    Its wasn’t a palatable affair as I was slapped, Lol because of a love letter gone wrong! Don’t wanna remember cos I’m kinda feeling the slap sensation as I type this.

    Oh! However I remembered the day I won a contest in school with a monetary reward but got sick the following day up to 2 week. It wasn’t a funny thing .

    As for love affair , i hàve been unlucky. Once bitten twice shy

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    1. Awww, do you mean literally slapped? What could have warranted that? I will dig through your blog for the topics you previously wrote on this. Sorry for the unpleasant feeling this brought. Congrats on the award you won, thought you’d follow up by telling of how girls began to flock around you-Lol.

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      1. Lol @ your last statement…… Truthfully I had a handful but I was too rigid because of previous experience. I have had to deliberately friendzone them all, too bad. Even up till date 80% of my friends both real, imaginary and online are females, maybe its a payback for not having a sister


      2. Hehehe, the friend zone! Well, you’re surrounded by sisters then! 😉 But don’t let that previous hurt stop you from plunging deep into the ocean of love ❤ 🙂

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  5. secondary school was a life time ago for me, so my memories are kinda hazy but the one memory that stands out for me was my WAEC home economics practical, I was so proud of my jollof rice and my pineapple upside down cake and of course I got an A, also I was a prefect so I had all the luxuries of not following the hairstyles for the week and wearing clear lip gloss, lol. but the clear winner of my fondest memories has to be the day my crush actually spoke to me, not only did he speak to me he remembered my birthday, got me a pair of earrings (that I still have till date ) and fifteen years later, he’s still my friend..Ok i’ll stop now

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    1. Haha, don’t stop now! I was secretly waiting for your comment ’cause I knew there was a memory box that needed to be opened! You didn’t disappoint 😀 Thanks for sharing dear! BTW, did you turn around and ask ‘are you talking to me?’ when your crush spoke to you? ^.^

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      1. i couldnt find my vocal chords to even ask, but eventually I found it and I also found out he wasn’t all that…lol life! but the mystery that shrouded him was what made it all the more interesting I think.


      2. Lol! I know that feeling so well! 😅 The mystery that shrouds some people sets them on this pedestal in our minds. But when the blindfolds are taken off our eyes we find out they are pretty much everyday people 😊

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  6. I was one of the nerdy kids too.😜 And there were definitely the cool kids who we were aware of, a whole clique of them.
    One time, I had to play a couple with a guy I liked in theater class, so that was pretty awkward! Other than that, I don’t have too many “crush stories”. My best friend and I had (and still have) plenty of those typical “does he like me or doesn’t he” discussions.


    1. Awww, playing the couple at theater class with your crush must have been really awkward! 😀 Ah! The “does he like me or doesn’t he” are just the best discussions! Haha! Thanks for sharing Courtney. 🙂


  7. Ah, the good old days. I was other end of the spectrum, never referred to as “cool”. My friends were the funniest and the best crew to hang with. My liver always failed me whenever it came to my crush.. I start sweating whenever she was around. Secondary school had more good times than bad, I really do miss it sometimes.


    1. Hehehe. I’ve started investigating on who that crush was, Zee 😉 I remember your crew, because I was partially a part of it too 😃 (Sorry for the late reply, thought I had replied) Thanks Zee!

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  8. Older people get, the crazier they get. People get more and more scare of life, of making themselves vulnerable, after years of pain. Course, some of us happily take the risk anyway. And regret it every damn time.


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