When the Light Goes Off

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When the light goes off 

And am left with my thoughts 

I take a deep breath 

As my body hits the bed  Read the rest of this entry »


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Like an earthen vessel

I was delicately beautiful

Some would even say, dainty

Then came the cracks

The endless stretch of thin lines

That showed I was falling apart

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The Invisible Me

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Do they even see me?

Would they miss me when I’m gone?

They pass by me everyday Read the rest of this entry »

Will You Be Mine?

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Will you let me take the lead? 

While your weary head gently rests on my shoulders 

And your hands are warmly wrapped in mine 

Will you dance with me?  Read the rest of this entry »

Truth Series; I Miss You

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I miss you 

I miss us 

I miss the oh so sweet communion 

We shared 

I miss the giggles and tears 

The rebuke and correction  Read the rest of this entry »

Only Human

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I’m only human 

As much I’d like to be the back 

That carries you when you’re wounded, 

And be the shoulder  

That absorbs your warm tears, 

There’s only so far my decrepit feet can go 

And my shoulders may just buckle under pressure 

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Truth Series; A Team

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A day will come when I would walk into this room and you won’t be here 

Your black orchid scent will cease from lingering 

Your music will stop playing in the background 

Your resounding laughter will fade away 

And all I’ll be left with are your memories 

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