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Day 26: My religious beliefs

As many of you can tell from my blog, I’m a Christian. This means I believe in Christ: his coming, his dying, his resurrecting and his second return. I also believe in the Holy Spirit who is my comforter and revealer of hidden truths. I believe in God, who is my Father, my mighty warrior, creator of the universe and my closest friend.



Day 9 of 30


Happy Sunday!

Hope you had a well rested day. I know I did. Thank God it’s the ninth day! Hope you’ve also caught up on all the days you missed on the challenge. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Let’s get in to today’s post right away!


Day 8 of 30


Hello there!

Thanks for showing up for today’s challenge. How’s the weekend going? One would think that I’d write much earlier being that it was a Saturday, but on the contrary, it’s a lot harder to do so. It’s been a week since I committed to this challenge and I must be honest, it’s hard to follow through most times. But I’m not giving up till the goal is achieved! And neither should you! ๐Ÿ™Œ We can do this together!


How to Deal with the Broken


Dealing with the BrokenGrowing up in a culture where everyone had to โ€˜toughen upโ€™ meant that negative emotions of anger, pain, hurt, depression etc. had to be hidden or suppressed. It was (and still is) a culture founded on the misconception that emotions make you weak.ย  Those who have read Chinua Achebeโ€™s famous โ€˜Things Fall Apartโ€™ will understand how crazy it gets when one begins to prove a point of being strong rather than weak. Itโ€™s a survivorโ€™s race. More

Let it Bleed


1531424404188_imageShe wanted to heal

But day after day

She would lift up the band aid

And find yet a bleeding heart

That just wonโ€™t heal. More

Where to Begin?


Welcome Back!Do I begin by saying how much I’ve missed the blog and its readers? Or do I begin with the story of how my life has been these past months? Well, I’ll start from the latter and arrive at the former. More

Keep Breathing


IMG_20180211_125713Take a deep breath in

Hold it for a moment

Now let it go slowly

Feel that?

Youโ€™re alive.

That may or may not excite you

As life has been a little shaky lately

Almost as if the solid rock you once stood on

Is melting ice, thanks to global warming!

Youโ€™re alive.

ย Thatโ€™s something, isnโ€™t it?

It means you still have another chance

To allow life smack you in the face

Or run to the throne of grace.

Everyone dies someday

But for you, not today

So do me one favour, love

Keep breathing.

ยฉMfon Etuk, 2018

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