Why do we Fight with God?

Why do we fight with God? 

Now that’s a question I find hard to comprehend 

Mortals constantly striving with immortality 

Pointing our stubby little fingers at the Almighty 

Blaming Him for the woes 

As though He owes us 

Why do we fight with God? 

Refusing to go to His presence 

Because He didn’t give us what we wanted 

Oh if you could see 

That He had something better for you 

You would run to Him with thanks 

Why do we fight with God? 

Little creatures pissed at their creator 

Does that even make any sense? 

It is He who created you, 

Not you yourself 

He gives life and takes as He please 

Why do we fight with God? 

How dare we call Him to court 

To question Him for what He has done? 

Have you forgotten the earth is His? 

And everything in it 

He does as He pleases! 

Mortals die but He doesn’t 

Humans get estranged 

But His love for you remains unchanged  

He keeps saying ‘Come…’ 

When you turn your back and run

He still waits for you with arms open wide 

God is ever merciful 

He is love personified 

He loves little dusty us 

So what charges do you have to raise 

Against the one who deserves your praise? 

Why do you fight with God? 

© Mfon Etuk, 2016