Holla Amigos!

How did your day go? I really care to know. Mine was pretty sane. Lol. I was having a conversation with a new friend and she reminded me that we can’t wait for the day to make us happy, we have to decide to be happy even before the day starts. I was fond of letting the day determine my mood, but I’m gradually learning how to be more deliberate about being happy regardless. You should too!

Day 4: What you wear to bed

So today’s challenge is pretty straightforward. No long story. I basically wear comfy sweatpants and T-shirts to bed. I’m also a huge fan of complete pajama sets (especially those very colorful ones with cartoon characters) šŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆ I just really adore the comfort that these cozy pajamas bring. Plus, I believe wearing cute PJs give you sweet dreams. Haha.

Thought to share a few memes with you to ease up the stress.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: imgflip.com

Thanks for joining me again for the challenge. 4 down, 26 to go!

Photo Credit: happy-wishes.net


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