5 Out of 29 Things To Do!

Today’s Challenge: Visit the Dentist

Many of us dread visiting dentists. We probably only visit when we have actual tooth aches or really severe oral health challenges. As a transitioning millennial, I’m learning that taking responsibility also means doing regular check ups and taking preventive measures.

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3 Out of 29 Things To Do!

Thanks for joining the 29 Days Challenge! If you missed yesterday’s post, catch up here.

Today’s Challenge: Watch a Movie on Netflix in a Foreign Language

This was a little easy for me as I’ve taken to watching French series, Spanish movies and I even saw an Egyptian movie recently! I included this challenge to create more intentionality in my search for cultural expansion.

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Up for a New Challenge?

Happy New Month!

I’m particularly happy because it’s my birth month. (dancing!) As I stared at my screen looking for lists of things to do for the next 365 days before I turn 30, a wild thought flew into my mind. What if we did all 29 things in 29 days before my 29th birthday? I almost fell off my chair in excitement!

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30 over 30

Day 30: What changed this month and what you hope will happen in the next month

Yaaaaaay!!!!! We did it. This is the same excitement I shared at the FMCG games when my team won. There’s nothing as satisfying as completing a project you’ve been on. Sometimes, people don’t even remember how great the start was if you end poorly or don’t end at all.
I’m really grateful to God that we could finish this challenge.

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