Did You Know---

There are some people you meet in life and just know that you’re gonna do all you can to fight for them to remain a part of your life. One of such people is my soul sister. I call her that because her soul is almost an exact reflection of mine.  On the outside we’re quite an unlikely pair, with her being quite extroverted and me being more introverted. The beauty about our friendship is that it transcends distance and time and she adds so much value to my life. Well,  what’s with the plenty intro M?  Lol. I’m sorry I got a little carried away. Turns out she sent me this mail trail a coupla days back and it was dated a year ago. We were addressing the issue of sex before marriage and one key thing she said that popped out for me was the why. She questioned my decisions and went further to give me reasons for hers.

Growing up in a Christian home made me quite oblivious to the world outside. To ‘worsen’the case,  I went to Christian schools for the most part of life. So imagine my shock when I discovered not everyone believes in what I do. Even Christians find certain things I thought were normal, pretty ridiculous. From my few years on earth,  it’s clear that no matter how big and safe the bubble you are cradled in is,  one day it will break.  You will be thrown to the outside world,  you will meet people different from you. Most importantly, everything you’ve ever known will be questioned.  

So before we get to that point, you need to ask yourself the why’s. Why do you believe in what you believe in?  Why do you think it’s bad to do A? Why do you do what you do?  Why do you stand for what you stand for?  Truth is, if you have no personal reasons/convictions for your beliefs, values, choices etc,  you will easily compromise when someone presents a compelling argument. Take some time this week to question the things that are the very core of your existence,  question all you know and give yourself convincing answers. Because sooner rather than later,  you will be tested,  you will be tried,  you’ll be questioned – why do you do what you do?

As always, I pray you live victorious lives.

Have a super-duper week ahead!