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I love the Lion King. It’s the first cartoon to make me cry; especially that part where Scar let go of Mufasa’s hands so he fell and died. Oh no! Not the waterworks again! One key thing Lion King thought me was the cycle of life. 

I got a new baby niece and she’s so adorable with her tiny fingers, tiny toes, tiny nose, tiny mouth…isn’t the gift of life a pure miracle? How God would take His time to mold our little ones and secure them in the mother’s womb as a carriage for 9 months before they are born. My God! That’s so amazing! It’s incredible!

You look at babies and you see a world that still has hope, beautiful minds unscathed by the evilness of the world. You look at babies and you see a chance to correct yesterday’s mistakes and to be the best you can ever be so they know they can be that and more. 

There are several ways to look at life. Either as the dark convoluted tube that sucks us in and leaves us stuck or as the vast space of opportunities to breathe and touch lives. I want to touch lives. I want hundreds of thousands to remember me as the person who changed their lives in some way. But to be honest, most days one just wants to get by, try and survive,  you know. Think about yourself- wotchu gonna do, wotchu gonna eat, where you’re gonna be… These thoughts can be so overwhelming that you can hardly have enough time to think about someone else. Even when you do, you still feel you don’t have enough to help them, maybe some other time.

Jesus knew we’d be clouded by these thoughts and that’s why he told us, hey don’t be bothered by these things. I feed the birds, I clothe the lilies, I am all you need. Seek me, seek my kingdom, am the answer to all your needs. As easy as it is to quote Matt 6:33, in all honesty, it’s really hard to live it. Admittedly I’m always anxious, I’m always drowning in my thoughts. But He knows this and says hey, my grace is sufficient for you. In this I rest my weary head and you should too.  Seek Him with your whole heart and I assure you, you will find Him.

What do you think about babies?  Aren’t they the cutest?  How many do you hope to have?  As always, I’d love to hear from you 😊




12 thoughts on “DTM: Of Life and Babies

  1. Babies are wonderful – and hard work! You never stop loving your children, and being there for them even when they’re grown-up. Children are a very great blessing.


  2. Told you I would read this! I love babies lol. Since my mom does daycare, I’m surrounded by them! It’s so true that a lot of us want to make a difference and touch lives, but the enemy wants us to get distracted by our own thoughts and struggles. The cool thing is knowing that we’re not alone. Reaching out to others to talk about these struggles can actually help them as well!


  3. Babies are absolutely adorable! And it’s so true that we could learn a thing or two from them, as they don’t worry. I, on the other hand am horrible about worrying. Lovely post M., I’m so glad I took this time to catch up on your blog!


  4. Babies are Peace. In their presence there is no burden. There is this serene around them that I always crave for if only I can just in few seconds enter their world 🌏. It goes a long way to tell us that they’ve been in a world or realm that has the fairest of life’s beauties. Each day ☀️ I see them and how they live, I know that that is the kind of life Christ wants us to live. A life without Fear 😱, tension, anxiety, What the next day holds, who 👤to meet for help 😩and so on. Most times being mature and being an adult 🔞takes a lot from us and at sometimes; makes us malfunction. We now have options or have side thoughts when to everything in life while babies just live and enjoy ❤️. I come understand while Christ has to use babies to pass his messages to his children.
    Babies are more than Precious Pearls.


    1. You’re so right Mike! Babies are just free from worries unlike most of us who are overwhelmed all the time. May God help us to approach him as babies, trusting him fully.


    1. Exactly! But that’s so hard in this world where everyone is tryna get stuffs figured out. Thanks for taking the time to read the previous blog posts 😊


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