I have always wondered what it would be like to see the world through the trees,

To see how minute we are,

To see just how much we worry about things that don’t really matter.

I believe, one’s worldview through the trees changes drastically,

There you smell the wind,

You feel the cool breeze caressing the hairs on your skin,

You hear the chirping of birds as they fly from one tree to the next.

You can also see the leaves,

As they turn from green to brown,

Fulfilling their purpose,

And concluding a lifecycle.

Through the trees, you see the hurting, the poor, the rich, the happy and the sad,

You see humanity for what it is,

Brothers and sisters in the race for survival,

Not enemies or foes.

Through the trees,

You see your Maker in all His perfection,

You see His finger prints on the barks of various tree species,

You see his screensaver on the skies, daily changing.

Through the trees you see the beginning,

Of a world without end.

-m.e. 2020

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