Happy weekend to you! Hope you’re getting the much needed rest. Was feeling a little under the weather, but we still show up! 😉

Today’s challenge is on foolish things.

I remember as a kid I did many foolish things, most of which are blurry right now. I do remember sticking my tongue to the fridge —either in an attempt to lick the ice or take a gulp of milk— all I remember is getting stuck. More like electrocuted. I guess my relationship with the fridge was long in the making. 😁

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

I remember times I’d wanna run away from home. Just ride my bike to the horizon. But hey, I’m sure we all had that idea at some point. If only we knew how much it took to cater for one’s self (that’s the trap called adulthood). 😂

Photo Credit: Thesportsproverbs.wordpress.com

I remember tying up my sweater to make babies and pretending to be their mom. If only I knew I had a long way to go before I’d be ready for such responsibilities! 😂 Oh, and this one time, I actually cut my baby doll’s hair hoping for it to grow back. Spoiler alert, it never did! 😌

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

Recently, I was going through my poem books from 2010 and I saw many musings on love and heartbreak. Really, what did I know about such pain and loss in my teenage years? Well, those poems turned out to be quite deep! I’m proud of my teenage self 😂

Of all the childish and foolish things I had done, I think the greatest was being in a hurry to grow up. I think it’s a little foolish to want to hurry up time, to want to graduate so fast that you lose out on a memorable opportunity you will never get. I should have tried to chill a little more, probably even had crushes like normal teenagers and not wait till I was grown up to be crushed by lifelong crushes. ( I digress).

Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

I’m sure there are many foolish things we wish we never did. I dare say they all added spice to our lives. We are who we are from the things we have done, lessons learnt, and grace to forgive and move forward. I hope you find that grace to forgive yourself.

On a lighter note, care to share foolish things you did when you were younger?

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “Day 8 – Foolish Things

  1. Lol, I enjoyed this Dainty. The funny thing is that even in adulthood one still does foolish things like doubt what the Almighty had promised you when you feel the deadline is here.lol. I’m grateful for a God who loves us despite our shortcomings.

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  2. I truly regret wanting to grow up so much 🤣😭 now i tell my younger brothers to enjoy their childhood and teeage yrs to their fullest because they ll never get them back and those are the sweetest yrs of one’s life … 🥰

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