Today I’m writing this post pretty early. But guess what, I’m still stuck in traffic going to work. Haha. it’s been raining heavily and motorists have had to slow down. A forty-minute trip has stretched for three hours. Lots of cars have broken down due to the flood. Anyway, that’s basically the update from where I am. But let’s not dwell on that. Welcome to my tea party- there’s hot choco, coffee and tea. Just perfect for the rain! Feel free to catch up on yesterday’s post.

Day 7: Your opinion on cheating on people

This is one serious conversation we gon’ have . Try to sit easy though and don’t forget to sip on your tea.

So yeah, I don’t think it’s right to cheat on people. I’m saying that from a mind that sees things in black and white and no shades of grey. But I’m not writing this post to shove my opinions down your throat, I want us to reason together.

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My opinion that cheating is wrong lies in the fact that I don’t think it’s fair on the other person. Love is magical and it’s full of mysteries. Even King Solomon in all his wisdom, admitted that he would never understand the way of a man with a woman. It’s crazy how one person can just become your world when you’re in love with them. Thus, cheating just rips the heart apart.

I believe everyone deserves an open and honest relationship. If you’ve got feelings for someone else, either risk losing the person you’re with and go be with the other person; or nip it in the bud and stick with what you have. Remember, it’s just my opinion.

I was talking with some of my grown-up friends the other day and I was asked why people cheat. Lack of contentment was my answer, and still is. It’s the same lack of contentment that makes people steal to have things that they don’t have. If you’re content with your partner, you’re less likely to cheat on them.

My friend went on to point out that there are situations where one may not have a choice but to cheat e.g a critical job on the line or towards a more beneficial future for the partner he is with. To this, I’ll respond with Joseph’s story- flee!

I understand, however, that being tempted and fleeing from it is much harder than it sounds. But I think when it comes to relationships, you just have to respect the person enough to tell them when you’ve done wrong. Or take the best route of avoiding the act in the first place. That’s my two-cents!

Photo Credit: Yourtango.com

I really wanna hear what you guys think about cheating on people. Please drop your comments below 👇👇👇



7 thoughts on “Day 7 of 30

  1. To cheat is to literally cut open the heart of a person you claim to love. Such a wound takes like forever to heal regardless of the reason a person may give for cheating. I completely agree with you M, no one shouldn go into any relationship if he/she has the slightest possibility of cheating.


    1. Anu!!! So good to have you here. You’ve literally expressed what I had in mind while writing. I agree with you that it’s really hurtful to cheat on people and it can lead to wounds that take long to heal. Thanks for your contribution dear 😘


  2. Look…

    you no me…

    I’m bout to keep it allllllllll
    the way real witcha…

    like I always do…

    I’M a little slow…

    so i’m going to break it down
    for you…

    “understand that I can only speak
    for myself because everybody
    is different…”

    I’m 33y old…

    And when it comes to

    I don’t play around.

    I treat people in general
    with respect but if
    you cross me in a
    certain way..

    there are no second

    once a cheater always one…

    If you ask me…

    there are many ways that
    a man or woman will cheat
    and why…

    “drum roll please”

    “and here are the nominees”

    1. cheating because of

    2. cheating because you’re
    getting back at the cheater or

    3. cheating because of low
    stocks in the intimacy

    4. high sex drive and the
    opposite can’t keep up.

    5. arguments constantly can
    lead on another into
    someone else’s
    ears and arms…

    6. the short term break up.

    7. greed…

    8. a inebriated state of mind.
    drunk, high off pills…
    Shit like that…

    9. lacking interest in the
    Scared to let the
    partner know.

    10. Having to wait or.
    ask for permission to
    have sex with a spouse

    11. abused mentally, phisically
    or just both.

    12. “this is a statistically high one.”

    I didn’t Google it cuz I’m old fashion.

    so I just get it from what I see or hear.

    I’m the hood…


    13. no self control

    14. a history of sexual abuse.
    some don’t really want to
    have sex. and some are highly

    67. they’re paranoid you are cheating.
    so to justify things by cheating
    them selves…

    those are my top 15 reasons people

    “me personally believe it or not.”

    1. I’ve never cheated

    2. I am and always have
    been a one woman man

    3. I wouldn’t want her
    to cheat on me

    4. respecting our relationship
    and trust and our bonds.

    4. so what we may fight.
    I’m not going anywhere.
    only if she wants me to.

    5.I’m just not a cheater.
    If I have a woman. that’s
    already enough moods
    ,emotions and personalities
    for me…

    6. I’m shy as fuck…
    and it comes off like
    I’m arrogant or a snooty
    type negro…

    7. I hate being touched
    by people I don’t know
    or have no love for…

    8. I want forever and
    not for one night.

    9. karma…
    even though I’m going
    to hell for other various

    I believe that the almighty
    absolutely dislikes a man
    who mistreats a woman.

    19. I don’t cheat because.
    Trust, love and loyalty is
    my credo…

    that’s also why I’m a
    great judge of characters.

    as I’ve been told…

    13. I’m laid back and I
    love to feel comfortable.

    14. I hate outsiders in my business.

    that can be real bad for
    a relationship. haters will
    sabotage your shit…

    there are so many reasons I can’t and
    will never, no matter what.


    And like you said…

    “if you going to cheat….”
    “Why marry or have a relationship..”
    “stay single…”

    “Don’t ruin her to hate the next man
    who may be the one.”

    ok this part was mine☝
    you can’t have it😂

    you’re literally a walking facade
    with no moral compass or respect
    for your woman, man or kids to grow up
    and think that’s what love’s about…

    thus proving the new generation
    of run away.

    from every time something
    doesn’t go their way.

    absolutely no respect
    for love…

    and to you young guys…

    Stop acting like you interested to
    get to no or form a fake relationship.
    With the young lady’s to have sex
    with them.

    then leave or do them bad…

    you all need to respect these

    because when ya dumbasses
    get older.

    you’re going to want the very
    thing you’ve mistreated and
    for that you will never be happy.

    and thats another reason I’m celibate
    now. to eliminate the demons… Till an
    angel comes…

    sorry for talking so much…


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    1. OMG! Chris! You’ve killed it! I think you’ve touched every aspect really. I like that you listed the reasons why people cheat. I also like that you stated your own principles and opinion. I could really relate to your personal list esp no. 6, 7 & 8. And I love the sense of humor you always introduce in your writings. Thanks for keeping it real as always!😎

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