I’m writing this post amidst strangers on a bus while stuck in traffic and all I see are the brake lights of the cars in front of me. Sighs. It’s been a rainy day which consummated in the usual Lagos traffic. Today is a major one though. It turns out a trailer carrying tons of tinned tomato somersaulted. Slippery roads, I guess. It’s sad. If you’re reading this, just take a minute to thank God for life. Everything may not be right with the world, but you’re here and that’s worth thanking God for. Hope you had a good day. In case you missed yesterday’s post, here’s the link to catch up on.

Day 6: The person you like and why you like them

OMG! Things are beginning to get intense πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ It’s hard to pick just one person I like. I would rather look at the things I like in a person.

I like you when-

1. You love God: if you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know how crazy I am about this. I don’t want you loving God in a merely routine or religious way, I prefer you know him personally as your father and friend. When you tell me about your journey with Him, my heart beats faster. Lol.

2. You gat brains: I like you already when you love God. Having good brains to think and even come up with witty jokes just makes me like you even more! Haha. I’m a sucker for brainiacs– especially those with an artsy side.

3. You’re cute: I mean, who doesn’t like cuteness? πŸ˜‚ I can spend days goshing over a cute person; I’m like “Damn! God, you’re too good!”

If you don’t believe God is real, just take time to look at His creation and remember that man is at the apex of that creation. What God made is good and perfect. The problem is that humans just don’t seem to appreciate it enough, especially when it comes to appreciating how He created us. We complain about our body types because we don’t get the stamp of approval from society. Hey, you don’t have to wait till someone calls you cute before you know it. You’ve been made by a perfect God and you are perfect just the way you are

4. Similar taste in music and movies: this has led to many of my friendships. Once I discover you have the same taste in music (indie, pop, gospel rap, soft rock ) or same taste in movies (action, comedy, sitcoms, romcoms) then I like you, like you 😁😁

5. We connect enough to hold good, meaningful conversations about any and everything: what else is there to say, I really really really like you! *singing in Carly Rae Jepsen’s voice* 😍

Finally, I like the person reading this post right now.

Now tell me about the person you like and why you like them.


11 thoughts on “Day 6 of 30

  1. Your no 5 make a good summary of why I like anyone I like.
    If we can connect and flow with any awkwardness about any and everything that I enjoy, I like you.


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