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Thanks for showing up for today’s challenge. How’s the weekend going? One would think that I’d write much earlier being that it was a Saturday, but on the contrary, it’s a lot harder to do so. It’s been a week since I committed to this challenge and I must be honest, it’s hard to follow through most times. But I’m not giving up till the goal is achieved! And neither should you! šŸ™Œ We can do this together!

Day 8: Something you’re worried about

I’m an anxiety prone young adult. I worry about so many things from what I’d become in life, who I’d be with, down to what I’d have for dinner or wear the next week. I worry about screwing up and not disappointing my parents. I over-think and it often sends me spiraling down the pit of despair.

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Today, something I’m worried about is my dissertation defense. I actually worry about defending a dissertation that I wrote only by the grace of God. Saying that out loud now makes it sound so silly. I mean, I’ve scaled through scarier hurdles like job interviews, examinations and even my undergraduate project defense. So why does this get me so worked up?

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I think we worry because we lack faith. We don’t believe it’s possible for things to work out well in the end. We are afraid of the unknown. The uncertainty sends us worrying in different ways. That’s only human.

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If you’re gonna survive on earth without falling into permanent depression, then you’d have to follow these steps the Bible has given us:

1. Fear not: God says this all the time because He knows the world has enough reasons for us to fear. I mean, just take a look around and you’d find reasons to be afraid and worry about. But He says not to fear ‘cos He’s got you.

2. Do not worry: I mean, how do you just tell a ‘worrier’ not to worry? If you told me not to worry, I’d worry about why you’re saying that. But God says not to worry, even about basic things like what to eat and what to wear. He rather says to seek His kingdom (Matt 6:33). I wonder, can we really stop freaking out about our futures and spend the time pursuing God’s will?

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3. Cast your cares on God: if you’re like me that gets worried easily, you may also be carrying the emotional burden you don’t like sharing with just anyone. They may never understand you or they may get tired of always listening to you wail about your burdens, and that’s just normal. God understands that we’d be encumbered by loads of care and would need to offload them on someone. So how about dumping them on someone who actually cares for you than dumbing it on others who also have things they are dealing with?

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Writing this post is reminding me of the reasons why I shouldn’t worry about defending my dissertation. It’s not me that brought myself this far, it’s God. I know He will perfect His will in my life and in yours (Phil 1:6)- if only you’d believe!

So what is that thing you’re worrying about? Why not give the steps above a try?

As always, it’s my desire that you live a victorious life.


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