DTM (2)Hi guys!

How has your week been?  I’m really asking that because I want to know, not just as an intro to the blog post 😁 Alright, fine I’ll go first. Mine has been super cloudy and rainy. To be honest, I’ve had the blues many times this week- story for another day.

It’s the second half of the year already!  And there’s this great awakening that comes with it. I’ve been reviewing the goals for the year and trying so hard not to get depressed by the loads of stuffs I haven’t done yet 😂

One of the goals for the blog was to incorporate video posts, and that always scared the hell out of me.  At the beginning of the year I shot a couple of videos with some of my friends but beyond the constructive criticisms from friends; I still couldn’t hit the upload button. Fear can be so crippling you know. It keeps you in the safe zone, untouched and unharmed by internet savagery!  Lol. That’s probably my greatest fear 😂

But for real, I can’t stay here and tell you to overcome fear and live victorious lives without doing same. I finally decided to throw fear out of the window and put a short video on Instagram (please follow me on @daintymblog).

All I can say right now is what your mind conjures when it’s on fear mode is bigger and larger than it really is. While there may be some internet savages that can tear down my morale, there are also some good friends that can help build me up.


I think God knew the importance of having friends to go through life with and that’s why he created them!  To be honest, life can get so overwhelming sometimes but having a friend who would just listen and provide the emotional comfort you need is one of the greatest gifts. Thanks to every friend God has blessed me with. My challenge for you today is to deliberately make your friendship work. Maintain the old and still build new friendships. At the end of the day, if you’ve got no friends, you’ve got nothing.

I want to wrap this up with a joke…but since I suck at making jokes, I’ll just share some memes.


Photo credit: supergrove.com
Photo credit: Pinterest
friend meme
Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Have a beautiful weekend guys!



17 thoughts on “DTM: Of Fears and Friends

  1. Hey M! Thanks for the honest post. Fear sucks. But remember that the righteous are as bold as Lions (Proverbs 28). You should go for the videos! As for my week, it’s been up and down. Really busy with school and blogging. My bird also died so that was hard 😞 but God is good and has surrounded me with family and friends!


  2. Fear kinda leaves me confused, am a movement person, I always want to be doing stuff but fear slows me down and leaves me overthinking alot. Thanks for the post

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