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Photos by Me

Write a letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Wow! This is a tough one.

Uhmmm, okay.

Let’s do this.

Here it is:

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This is to let you know you brutally hurt me; constantly stabbing my fragile heart with a sharp dagger. Yes, I gave you my heart when you clearly had no capacity to love. You didn’t hurt me alone but constantly hurt others, dragging a trail of broken hearts in your wake.

You always wanted your way even when you knew it wasn’t going to work out. You always went overboard with your imaginations and emotions, hurting me every time another one fell through. You hated me and did a poor job at disguising it. You never believed in me but constantly reminded me of my weaknesses.

I don’t blame you for hurting me. Your immaturity clearly got a strong hold of you and blinded you from the truth. You never saw me for who I was, but for some weakling with a heart made of cheese.

I forgive you because you didn’t know better. I set you up for failure by making you an invincible superhuman when you were a mere human with skin and bones.

I forgive you for letting my heart hurt, once, twice…multiple cuts. With the bleeding came the strength to allow the healing waters flow. With scars to tell the story, I’ve become the strong woman I was meant to be. Thank you for hurting me, even though you didn’t know it was to make me stronger.

I forgive me for hurting me.

Yours truly,


What a twist right?

It was pretty hard writing this letter. I could easily think of a number of people who had hurt me in the past and conveniently write a long essay to this effect. But deep down, I know I hurt myself by giving them the power to hurt me. Most of which (the hurt) didn’t even happen in reality as much as they did in my head-brooding over a hurt that cut so deep in my mind while it was a mere brush of the skin in reality.

Most people find it a lot easier to forgive others than themselves. They blame themselves for everything and undermine what they have going on good for them-I inclusive. So yeah, this is my letter to me. Not to some guy who broke my heart, or a parent that never truly understood, or a friend that said hurtful words-no, this is a letter to me.

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Your turn…

Are you holding on to hurts that you might have caused? Or are you holding on to people who have hurt you in the past? Take some time out to think about this and forgive the people involved, including yourself.  A hurting heart will always hurt others.

Day 9 done, 22 more to go!

Yes we can!

Happy Sunday guys!

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9 thoughts on “Write a letter to someone who has hurt you recently -Day9

  1. I guess getting a like after more than a year shows how what you write doesn’t fade away.
    I just read your blog and was thinking to myself….I wish I could forgive…


    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Forgiveness is never easy, but it’s always worth it. Oh the freedom that comes with it. I pray you find it in your heart to forgive that hurt. Good to have you here! 🙂


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