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20 Facts about me

20. I believe dogs are really cute until they start barking or chasing me (happened once, never got over the trauma)

19. I feel learning how to ride a power bike and having one will be really cool- can’t wait to get one! 😀

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18. A lot of people describe me as really girly now but I’ve actually had a bit of a tomboy past- ‘if I were a boy’ was once my favourite song cos I hated house chores as a kid 

17.I like teddy bears 🙂 so fluffy and soft, I don’t get why anyone won’t like them ( let’s say it all started when I didn’t have younger ones to play with while growing up) 

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16. My favourite meal of all time is Tea and bread …anytime, anyday, anywhere I go 😀

15. I like cooking when I’m highly motivated (by hunger of course) and I like trying out new recipes-but the kitchen is still not my favourite place in the house.

14. I like fashion and I love looking good –I think my fav fashion item would be jewelry cos I can never walk out of a jewelry store empty handed 

13. I’m pretty shy when it comes to talking to a group of people (I mentally calculate and multiply the number of eyes-you’d be surprised how many eyes can be there at a time)

12. I like taking pictures a loot- (oh yeah! We all know that by now) I believe they are the custodians of memories

11. I cherish gifts a lot more than normal – (I think that’s my love language) and I’m already counting down to Christmas 🙂

10. I like gadgets-especially when they are all white (and made by Apple) 😉 gadgets

09. I like planning a lot and organizing everything into compartments- I even plan my outfits for the month, meals for the week and hairstyles for a year 🙂

08. I’m attracted to colors; colored journals, Bibles, highlighters, sticky notes…including the rainbow 😛 2015-06-06-3222

07. I’m often strong willed and it takes a lot to convince me not to do what I want to do-I hope that makes sense

06. I believe in happy endings and a world full of love, sunshine and laughter (thanks to Disney and my imaginations)

05. I like traveling (and I get cranky when I stay in one place for too long)that’s actually why I studied International Relations

04. I’m Nigerian and I’m proudly African

03. I love my family and friends-though I suck at expressing feelings (some call me a robot in this regard)

02. For me, Christianity is a way of life, not just a religion I pen down while filling out forms.

01. I’m the girl that God lovesI learnt to personalize His love for me not mine for Him, because I really can’t compare mine to His

Phew! That’s a lot.

Day 8 done, 23 more to go!

Yes we can!

Happy weekend guys 😀

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