Pictures of somewhere I have been to:

Photo by me
Photo by me

I have only been to a few places, but the most striking for me is Rievaulx Abbey. Rievaulx Abbey is located   in a remote valley in the North York Moors National Park, North Yorkshire, England. It was one of the first Cistercian abbeys to be founded in England around 1132 by 12 monks. It was a place of spiritual development for the monks. It is an ancient abbey with broken down walls as a result of the dissolution by Henry VIII of England.

Photos by Me
Photo by Me

Rievaulx abbey is also known for its romantic atmosphere. Lots of poets and artists have been drawn to the scenic ruins, I inclusive. As I strolled along the wooded valley, I couldn’t help but take note of the serenity and beauty that characterized the abbey ruins. I felt at peace with nature and I connected to ancient history as I listened to the audio tour (until I got bored and stopped listening)

Photo by me
Photo by me

Funny how I almost missed the trip down there cause I was a bit under the weather. But it turns out, I had the most interesting time there and kinda felt like I was in some old English romantic movie. It also had this historic and mysterious feel to it.


Photo by me
Photo by me

Asides the idyllic features of Rievaulx Abbey, another thing that made it really interesting for me are the friends I went with. Really cool guys. They made the experience a splendid one (they also served as my photographers 😉 )

Photo by me

The picturesque ancient ruins remind me of the song Glorious Ruins by Hillsong United. It’s amazing how God can turn our ruins into beautiful and attractive sights for men to behold in awe. There isn’t any situation too messed up for Him to work with. In doubt? Hand over your ruins and watch him make them glorious.

Rievaulx Abbey could have just remained as old ruins after the dissolution, but right now it is a tourist attraction under the English Heritage. Same way your messed up past can be transformed into a beautiful future, if only you allow the Master Artist do His work in your life 🙂

Likewise I, God, will comfort Zion,
    comfort all her mounds of ruins.
I’ll transform her dead ground into Eden,
    her moonscape into the garden of God,
A place filled with exuberance and laughter,
    thankful voices and melodic songs. –Isaiah 51:3 (MSG)

Photos by Me
Photos by Me

Day 10 done, 21 more to go!

Yes we can!

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