Hey guys!

We’ve got three days to go! I can’t believe it! 💃💃💃

This has been an exciting journey for me. There have been days when writing has been a great struggle. But I like how this exposes my level of commitment to the blog and to writing. I’m so thankful for this gift and for the gift of amazing readers like you. Sorry I can’t help being mushy as we come towards the end of this blogging challenge 😿

Alright, let’s do this!

Day 27: Talk about your Siblings

Photo Credit: Planet of Success

My siblings are notably two of my favourite humans. They’re like these friends God gives you without you choosing. I remember when they were praying for me to come to this world. Fun fact; they wanted a boy! Haha. God does have a great sense of humour; He gave them a girl! A girl who has her tomboy moments and who longs to protect her sisters from the bad in this world.

I like the story about my birth. Mom told me that she was afraid my two elder sisters would be disappointed upon hearing she gave birth to a girl, not a boy. On the contrary, they were excited to braid my hair- and so they did! 😁

My eldest sister is more reserved and very academic. She ventured into the pure sciences like my parents and she’s really smart (it runs in our blood) 😎. Just like me, she doesn’t like drastic change and she lays low on risks.

As my sister, you wouldn’t easily tell she’s the oldest- she doesn’t lord it over us. She’s kind, caring and forgiving. I always love making her laugh because it gives me a reason to be happy.

My immediate elder sister is the only slightly extroverted member of our house. She’s daring, adventurous and flexible (unlike the rest of us). She can wake up and switch the menu or decide to cook in a different way. These changes often destabilize me, but she really is the spice of life. In following her steps, I developed the adventurous part of me. The part that does stuff just outta sheer curiosity (like making friends with people I’ve never met) 😀. She’s easy going and fun to be with.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I love our differences, though not so glaring. It’s kinda like our differences are complementary- making us form a perfect triangle. We all fit together. I couldn’t have asked for better siblings. And I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed being together with them at the same time. Love you guys!💓💓💓

I’d like to hear about your siblings!



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