Dear Diary,

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who sent birthday wishes, gifts, prayers and everything that made me have a grand day yesterday. God bless you guys! You’re the best! 😘 I’m grateful to God for keeping me to see this new year!

*Adjusts in seat* hey 24! Is this what you feel like? You’re not as bad as I feared. That’s the thing about fear. It just enlarges things in our minds and enjoys seeing us freak out. I remember how I was entering depression mode because I was getting a year older. I was looking at what I had achieved as nothing and focusing on the things that I haven’t achieved yet.

How many times does God have to say fear not before we get the gist? He’s not surprised by where we are in life, neither Is He stuck on what to do to get us to our expected end. Trust is key! Whenever I’m freaking out about adulting, I’m reminded that I don’t trust God to have my back. I’m just gonna chill now, cause God’s got this.


So yeah, I’m keeping this post light and breezy (as am still in birthday mode) πŸ˜‰

Happy birthday to all the awesome ‘Marchians’!