yours or mine

Being the last born comes with some perks; one of which is often having your way either by crying or sulking. No one enjoys an unhappy kid. So often time than not, we’d give the child what he/she wants at least to shut down the waterworks.ย 

In my relationship with God, I still carry the same habit. If He doesn’t give me something I want or have prayed for, I’d sulk. I mean major sulking and in my little mind I expect Him to come apologize and give me what I want. Lol. Thinking about it now, He probably just shakes His head and smiles at my silliness.

God doesn’t force His will on us. However, He is not subjected to our will. You can’t be the one leading Him in the way He should go- Oh Lord, I want an iPhone by tomorrow and while you’re at it, make all my grades for the exams I just took all As. He’d look at His plan and probably see that getting an iPhone isn’t necessary because you still own two well-functioning phones. You can’t force Him or guilt-trip Him into giving you what you want every single time.

James said we receive not because we ask wrongly (James 4:3). We ask to satisfy our selfish desires; to have an increase in status, to have competitive advantage over our equals, to show off etc. God is a loving father willing and able to give all good things to His children. But then we need to work with His will and His ways not ours. We are not leading God, He is leading us and we ought to follow.

You know what happens when you disobey God’s will and keep trying to get your way every time? He would allow you! He would give you all those things you were sulking for and mehn! You’d wish you never had them (Romans 1:21-32)

So fellow sulkers, I know we are children of God and tend to act as kids. However, a true child knows the love of the Father and doubts not even when the things we want aren’t given. I’m learning to be thankful and full of praise even when things aren’t going my way. No matter how out of control things are for me, I’m comforted that they aren’t out of hands for Him. So the next time you’re caught between having your way or allowing God have His way, choose wisely.

It’s my desire that you live victoriously!
Happy New Month!

ยฉMfon Etuk, 2017

10 thoughts on “Yours or Mine?

  1. Hmmm, so true dear. I’ve learnt to trust Him for the best for me. It could be painful sometimes but hey, His peace will always guard my heart. Lovely piece as usual Dainty


  2. Truer words were never spoken, M! We can’t sulk our way out of God. In fact, we should be happy just to wait for, and then accept, His answer. That takes faith and devotion to trust in Him for our own good. A nice post to share!



      1. Thank you, M! Things are still up “in the air” right now. Keep praying, please…

        Enjoy your evening… ๐Ÿ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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