Photos by Me
Photos by Me

Something I miss

It’s day 21! Thank God it’s Friday! 😀

Been thinking of this challenge for a while now and I have finally settled on it.

For me, something I miss is my childhood home. It was located in a quiet town tucked amongst the hills and valleys of the north eastern part of the country.

Well, it was a quiet town just before the terrorists invaded and turned it to a land of ruins. From being a town that people barely knew, it became the headline on the news every night.

I never got to pack or have the jitters associated with moving. I never even got to say goodbye to my childhood friends. I still remember the peaceful streets where we often rode our bikes. I remember the mango tree that provided shade as well as tasty fruits. I remember the playground outside that gave me lots of scars to remember. I remember all the adorable birthday parties we had as kids- those were the good old days. Sighs.

I miss the scenic views of the mountains; the beautiful feel of fresh air every morning; the cock crows that served as alarm clocks. I miss the small garden mom planted- green and lush plants with beautiful fruits to pluck. I miss taking a stroll down to my friend’s house where we would chat about everything. I miss walking down to mom’s clinic whenever I felt a slight pain (never even knew how much drugs cost)

It was a pretty small town with so many friends and memories. But I never got the chance to say goodbye. Or to leave a footprint somewhere in the northern sands.

This reminds me of how the coming of the Lord would be. It would be all too sudden for the unprepared. You won’t have the time to drag others with you at that point. So why wait till then to get prepared?

It was the same in the time of Lot – the people carrying on, having a good time, business as usual, right up to the day Lot walked out of Sodom and a firestorm swept down and burned everything to a crisp. 

That’s how it will be – sudden, total – when the Son of Man is revealed. 

When the Day arrives and you’re out working in the yard, don’t run into the house to get anything. And if you’re out in the field, don’t go back and get your coat. 

Remember what happened to Lot’s wife!

-Luke 17:28-32 (MSG)

It’s pretty easy to blame Lot’s wife for turning back to see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah even though she was instructed not to. I can relate with that. It’s heart breaking to watch all you’ve worked for and treasured go down in ruins. Lots of people lost expensive properties as well as loved ones due to the invasion of that little town I once called home-safe.

Another lesson I’ve learnt from this is to store up treasures in Heaven where no moth or rust will attack. For, where your treasure is, that’s where your heart would be.

Don’t hoard treasure down here where it gets eaten by moths and corroded by rust or – worse! – stolen by burglars. 

Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it’s safe from moth and rust and burglars. 

It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being. 

-Matt 6:19-21 (MSG)

Although the loss of my childhood home and some properties brings so much gloom to my heart, I’m still forever grateful my parents came out of it alive. I’m happy all the relationships I built there are still alive. Shout out to my childhood friends and families who survived the horror of that incidence. I bless God for your lives! 🙂

Day 21 down, 10 more to go!

Yes we can!

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