Current Book I’m Reading

I’m currently reading two books.

The first is “How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer” and the second is “Romance Stew by Becky Ruff”.

How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer is a pretty interesting book. She explains in length how every child of God ought to hear from God personally. She also gives detailed descriptions of the various ways God talks to us. He doesn’t always have to talk to you through a voice booming from the heavens, he can talk to you in the stillness of your heart.

The need for listening ears is a very important part I picked up. Truth is, lots of us communicate with God in a monologue form and not dialogue. We pray to God and ask for a million things but hardly listen to what He has to say. I’ve been guilty of this countless times. But it shouldn’t be. A one sided relationship where the girl talks all day and the guy only listens is pretty boring. It’s important to create the right atmosphere to hear God speak to you. Wouldn’t it be really fun to hear God speak to you personally? Get the book! 😀

Photo by me
Photo by me

Romance Stew is an equally thought-provoking book centered on the ingredients needed to brew the romance stew. If you are a romantic, you would love to read this. Becky Ruff writes based on her experiences and the lessons learnt overtime. She talks about falling in and outta love and still having the courage to seek love and romance. She explains the need for individuality even when together with another person.

Indeed, some of us encounter issues while in a relationship because we lose our individuality and depend completely on the other partner. We even change everything about us to suit the other person’s desires. This in turn develops a strain on the relationship which leads to an eventual break. Try not to lose who you are while in a union with someone else. What makes a relationship spicy is the different independent personalities that come together to mix things up. Be yourself!

The books are both fascinating and I look forward to completing them 🙂

Your turn…

What books are you currently reading?

Day 20 down, 11 more to go.

Yes we can!

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