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Ten Favourite Things -Day22

Hey guys!

Hope your weekend has been coming on smoothly.

Well,I think mine has been; I stepped out of my comfort zone today and it was freaking hard! But I learnt a lot from it though. Someone once said, life begins at the end of the comfort zone and I couldn’t agree more. I guess there’s so much about life for us to explore once we take the big leap of faith, totally trusting God to catch us if we fall (I always picture Him saying “I’ve got yo back girl”).

Are you stuck in a rut because you’re too scared to step out of your comfort zone? Snap out of it! There’s a whole lot about life outside your cute little bubble.Take practical steps to overcome the shackles of the comfort zone and become all that God wants you to be. Remember, He’s always super psyched to help, don’t hesitate to ask for his help.

So in line with the challenge for today, here are my 10 favourite things.

10 favourite things

  1. Highlighters and sticky notes

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  2. Colored journals
  3. Movies
  4. Dance

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  5. Sitcoms
  6. White gadgets
  7. Fashion accessories

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  8. Cuddly bears
  9. Sneakers

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  10. Yummy chops

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Yup! those are are my favourite 10 things- for now.

What are your favourite things?

Remember the weekend is a great bonding time for family and friends. Give a call to someone you love this weekend and let them know how much you love them 🙂

Have an amazing weekend!

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