First Celebrity Crush

Oh wow! We are here already.

So, you sure you wanna know who my first celebrity crush was?

Here it is…



He is an American actor.

He lives in California.

His mom works with a software development company and his dad is a pilot.

Has a younger sister called Makena.

He was born on February 11th, 1992. Just a year older, how cool is that? 😉

Raised Roman catholic.

Still lives with his parents (because he values family)

Yes, I do my researches well. Or my stalking skills are just awesome like that- hehehe. 

With such skills, i should probably work for the CIA 😉

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I began to crush on him from the first Twilight Saga film series. His character was ‘Jacob Black’ the werewolf. He made wolves look so cool! Or I just found wolves really cool after watching the movie.

He was my main character in the entire twilight film series (sorry, Edward Cullen’s fans!)

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Funny how I still liked him with the long hair thing going on in the first Twilight movie. Looking back now, it made him look a little girly.

And his smile…OMG! *faints* 

His smile is super amazing! That’s the definition of killer smiles.

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I even have his signature 😉


Love you Taylor! *screams*

Lol. That’s just embarrassing! I’m way too old for this- who am I kidding?

Well, there you have it! My first celebrity crush.

 Your turn…

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Day 13 down, 18 more to go!

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