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Share- My bucket List

Hi guys, it’s the 14th day already.

To be honest, there are days when it’s so hard to come up with a post.

Today is one of those days. I had a busy day and crawled through the usual Lagos traffic and got home totally fagged out. But I just couldn’t let the day pass without a post.

So I’m gonna share the list of things I would like to do before I die. I’m not really one who is scared of death, but I’m one who fears dying without fulfilling purpose and truly living. I really pray I cross out the items on the list before I’m called home. 🙂

Here is the list:

  1. Visit Greece – Lots of beautiful art related stuffs have been born out of Greece and I would really love to explore and connect with ancient history.
  2. Go rock climbing- When it comes to outdoor activities, I like stuffs that involve adventures with nature.
  3. Go skydiving- I’m a little scared of heights but I’m sure this would be super fun.
  4. Take dance lessons- yeah, I should cross this out soon (hopefully).
  5. Worship at Hillsong Church in Australia- I love Hillsong online services and I hope to be a part of it someday. Plus, I would also like to explore Australia 😉
  6. Establish a Christian arts academy for talented youths- In line with the vision.
  7. Get married to the love of my life (and have cute kids)- a beach wedding should be fun-Lol.
  8. Go on a road trip with my friends- how cool would this be?! We’d be singing along with the radio and playing games during the ride and switching the driver’s seat of course.
  9. Eat pasta in Italy- I love pasta a lot and it would be really cool to have it from the original source 😉
  10. Catch a last flight to a random destination- this would be pretty hard cause I practically plan everything I do. Jumping on the last flight to a random destination would be crazy (fun) for me.
  11. Learn French and take a selfie at the Eiffel tower- did a semester in French and my French still sucks.
  12. Take an art course- I’ve always loved the arts but I haven’t taken any course in arts. Would like to do this someday.
  13. Learn to cook something new- Been watching a lot of Food network lately and I’m quite excited about trying out new recipes.
  14. Write a book and get it published- yep! I should totally do this
  15. Travel by sea- I’m freaked out about large bodies of water but I hope to be able to travel by sea someday (facing my fears).
  16. Visit the 7 continents and learn new cultures- for the love of traveling 🙂

This list is constantly being updated and I wouldn’t want to fill up the space with the many things I would like to do.

You really do not have to be faced with a life threatening illness before you begin to enjoy your short time on earth; you never know when you would be called back home so live everyday like it’s your last. Someone said you don’t have to make all the mistakes by yourself, learn from others and rise above it.

Life is beautiful when you are truly living and not just existing. I pray you don’t drag through life but that you fulfill your days on earth with wisdom.

Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well.

Psalm 90:12 (MSG)

Your turn…

Share some items on your bucket list.

Day 14 down, 17 more to go.

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2 thoughts on “Share- My bucket List -Day14

  1. One of the many that clouds my mind is the establishment of a world class health center/hospital. I really mean……world-class. There is hope for our health system I believe.


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