DTM (2)

Dear Diary,

I got into a tricycle today and the driver kept reiterating how he didn’t have any change. I got the nudge to just pay for someone else and avoid the change seeking hassle. But I turned around and everyone looked pretty good in work clothes. I mean, I’m the student here who’d need more cash right? Voila! The man in front quickly paid for me and I walked away with a cheerful smile and some extra bucks. However, I was quickly reminded that it is more honourable to give than receive. Erk! I should have just done that! Besides, what’s wrong with a lady paying for a well suited guy beside her? *thinking out loud*

Funny thing, I had a serious blonde moment today. I literally had to check up the word millennials as I wondered why soul sister called this the “Diary of a Transitioning Millennial”. I actually thought the word only applied to those born in the 2000s but it turns out early 1980s are included in the mix!  Shout out to all the millennials reading this!

Speaking of age, I’m fast approaching my mid-twenties and that’s scary. I feel I haven’t done enough in my early 20s. Time, can you just hol’up a minute or maybe a year? You know, I was reading about Adam’s generation the other day in Genesis. Most of them then lived on this earth for above 800 years. Some had kids when they were over a hundred.  That’s just crazy! What were they doing on earth so long? How strong were they at 800? I guess I’ll have to add this to my list of questions for when I get to Heaven.

In the spirit of keeping this super casual, I’ll be stopping here.

Keep being fabulous!


7 thoughts on “DTM 3

  1. loool!
    You precious being!
    We learn new stuff all the time. Sometimes, it’s really deep life lessons, sometimes, casual words like “millennial”
    All the same, keep experimenting, keep learning, keep growing. Love you!


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