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I got featured by the lovely Courtney! Please check it out! πŸ™‚ Thanks again Courtney ! ❀

1 Timothy 4:12 Girl

Hey everyone, my good friend Mfon from Dainty M. just submitted an awesome article that I think you guys will love! It’s the first of many guest posts that I plan to haveΒ here, so keep your DMs open and regularly check your inboxes! I plan to have more guest posts in the future!Β 


I watched this movie β€˜The choice’ and I think it was pretty good. Though my over analytical mind kept asking questions and trying to solve an unknown mystery. Lol. Suffice to say, everything we do in life hinges on our choices. Each choice has pros and cons. If you’re like me, you probably have the pros and cons list where you weigh every option. But even with that obsessive need for perfection, we still make mistakes!
So yes, choices are important. And God liberally gave us the chance to choose. We get to choose life or death…

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4 thoughts on “Choices

    D'Dream said:
    September 16, 2016 at 10:35 AM

    Great post that need deep reflection to squeeze out the embedded juices


      Dainty M responded:
      September 16, 2016 at 3:08 PM

      Thank God! I pray you enjoy every squeezed out juice πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

    D'Dream said:
    September 16, 2016 at 10:35 AM

    Thanks for sharing


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