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I remember falling quite a number of times as a kid. I still have some scars to show. Which is normal of course! Kids fall a lot during the growth process. As an adult, I can’t really remember falling face down on the ground. Even when my foot hits a stone, I still manage to regain balance. I think falling down constantly as an adult is problematic. 

As Christians, we grow in our relationship with God from toddlers to mature folks. It’s not strange to see a baby Christian fall back into sin. Or keep struggling with fleshy addictions and lusts. But when you’ve grown in God and still fall, you need a wake up knock. You can’t keep sinning, because you aren’t a sinner anymore!

Sadly, a lot of us have refused to grow. We still enjoy being pampered and cradled by sweet scriptures. How long will you remain a child? How long will you keep falling over and over in the same sin?

Grace is not an excuse to do wrong but the reason to do right. 

Some of us fall and don’t even bother being remorse because we believe grace covers it.



For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. What then? Shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid. –Romans 6:14-15

I know we will have moments where we accidentally fall. But this shouldn’t be an everyday affair. Let the Holy Spirit help you stay above that sin that so easily besets us.

Now that you’ve fallen, what next? 

I for one would sulk and hate myself for falling. Come on! It was a stupid sin and I should be bigger than that. But when you fall, that’s not the time to declare your clean résumé and acts of self-righteousness.  It’s a time to submit to God in total acceptance of the wrong done, asking for forgiveness.

I’ve seen some people fall and refuse to get up. They rather indulge in other sins that push them farther away. Of course when you fall, the devil doesn’t hesitate to tell you how much of a disappointment you are to God. You can either drown in that despair or look to God for mercy.

I’ve fallen. You’ve fallen. We all have at some point. But we’ve gotta rise above it by the help of the Holy Spirit, not by our power or capacity.

Now that you’ve fallen, get back up!

©Mfon Etuk, 2016.

11 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen…What next?

  1. Another thing involves letting go of the past and just letting the Blood of the Lamb to erase it. Adhering to the guiding of the Spirit would do well to keep us on track, so that we don’t do the things which we don’t wanna. Letting Christ live through us, nice exultation keep on being a light and a salt. Cheers


    1. Thank you Sesan! Letting go of the past is so important and so hard, I must add! But by His sufficient grace we can do so and receive forgiveness. Thank God for His Spirit in us who guides and directs us. Thanks again for shedding more light on this. Keep shining and salting as well! 😊


    1. Thank God! Some of us have taken grace for a joyride so I guess it’s good to remember it’s no excuse to keep sinning but a reason to live right. Thank God for His grace! 😊 Thanks Courtney!

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  2. This is so Real! Very honest about the struggle to keep the Faith and live Holy! We will fall hut mustache rise again in order not to go backwards in our growth in Christ. No guilt just keep moving forward!


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