Stress is a feeling we experience whether short term or long term, in our career, education, and everyday life. Sometimes, certain situations overwhelm us and we begin to feel β€œout of control”. We may feel tensed, agitated, moody, depressed, anxious, excited or even angry.

imageTo respond to that stress, our brain releases stress hormones to either help us fight the stress or flee from it. Example, when you experience shock or have to meet up a short deadline.

At school, examination periods, registrations, or even daily school routine ( lectures, assignments, term papers, etc) can take a toll on you and make you feel stressed out.
At work, working on a short deadline such as impromptu work or project presentations can also lead to stress.

Managing home front /career, everyday activities can be stressful. It is something everyone experiences one way or the other. Gladly, we can reduce stress and…

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