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  1. Love and honor your mother and father. Learn from their mistakes. I know it sounds like nags but it’d save you the headaches in your thirties and beyond. Besides you don’t want your children to dishonor you also I’m sure. We often realize too late their importance in our lives.
  2. You are so much more talented than you’ll ever know. You don’t need to pay your way through protocols. You don’t need to sleep with your boss/ supervisor to get a promotion at work or better grades at school. Burn the late-night candles instead; put extra time to study and practice until you master your skill. Hard work still pays well and does not kill.It’s sweeter to enjoy what you have put your good work and effort into in peace than having scares of karma.
  3. Support, support, support. As a lady, women can actually build strong support networks. Don’t let few ladies with the “Pull Her Down” {PHD} syndromes discourage you from cultivating true relationship with your female friends.  Everyone needs it.
  4. Learn to feel your feels. Study and master your emotions and know how to react to different situations. Be a master of your expressions.
  5. This notion that women are the criers and men are the strong support systems need to be reconstructed. We all have the glands in us means we are both to use them to express ourselves. Men can cry too. Yes, they can and they should.
  6. Let go of past hurts. You cannot move forward if you keep looking back. Holding on to bitter experiences and regrets will stale your future. The only thing you should take out of a hurting experience is the lessons learnt because hurting people hurt people. People are going to hurt you; you choose how to react.
  7. Still speaking on the past and forgiveness, learn to forgive yourself. Learn to pardon yourself for the mistakes, the bad choices. Just go easy on yourself because you are your only cheerleader.
  8. Train your mind and intuition to a level that it gives you signs and warnings. This can be done by studying yourself intricately under different conditions. It’s part of maturity.
  9. Walk away from deceit. Still flowing from the above, when your mind is developed on your ideals and what you are about, you are able to depict the truth. Know when someone is flossing and is harmful or toxic. Stay away from them. Especially before getting into relationships or business partnerships.
  10. This life you have been given is a unique gift. Unwrap it, live it to the fullest. Nurture yourself and don’t be careless with it. Start early in making proper plans.
  11. Learn the basic skills and let yourself grow – from how to keep your apartment and its entirety clean, cook, socialize and network to how to drive a car.
  12. Don’t do drugs. It kills from the inside out. Read books, it fortifies your mind. Dance as often as you can, it liberates your spirit, soul and body.
  13. Learn to laugh at yourself. It is a good way to build a healthy self-esteem. Encourage yourself more than you beat yourself up. It’s really not that deep.
  14. Fear of the future. It is a state of mind you must learn to tame. Don’t let fear pull the carpet from under your feet. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Think positive thoughts about the future and when those butterflies and unsure moments come, acknowledge them but believe in the greater future ahead of you.
  15. Learn to exhale, love deeply and be kind to others; especially those of low estate, and the lowest of low. The greatest currency in the world is Kindness. It never depreciates. Everyone can spend it. It yields greater return on investments.
  16. Do not compare yourself to others. It will do you no good. I know how hard this is but when you catch yourself doing it, please STOP for comparing yourselves one to another is foolishness.
  17. Eat healthy. Exercise. Take time to dance and play. Learn to cook for yourself. Don’t rely on noodles alone. The cooking skill will be useful in future.
  18. Your time alone with yourself is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. You want to be present for others, you want to live long, and you want peace and joy, take time for you. You can’t heal another if you are sick yourself.
  19. Prayer is the secret code. It works every time. Keep up with your faith in God and always have the courage to use your voice wisely and strongly. Enjoy the highs and lows that come with being in your 20s but don’t be afraid to grow older. Live life to the fullest.
  20. Acknowledge your emptiness without God. In our frailty is where He shows up the most. He loves you so much. I can barely explain the love.

Thank you for reading!

Written by Nancy Ufia.

Photo Credit: punkmeetspink.wordpress.com


I was so happy to have Nancy write for the blog and I hope this list helps you as you navigate through life 🙂 

Stay beautiful!


DIY- Out of the Box

Hey guys!

How’s the weekend going? I hope it’s been as smooth as milk 😊 That was very cheesy, I know! LOL.

Well, I’ve been thinking about the DIY project to do but most of the ones online kinda need me to get some extra products. Anyway, before I go shopping for those, I decided to do a bit of mine.

I’ve got a couple of perfume boxes lying around (because I’m weirdly into storing up such cute boxes) 😃

So instead of leaving these boxes to occupy some junk space, I decided to get them to use.

Nail Polish Box

This first box was a gift set so its wide enough…to hold my nail polish bottles! 😅



So I pulled out the little transparent sheet over the box and let the top out (so I can easily pick and return nail polish at will.

Cream and Cologne Box

This is a Britney spears perfume box. I love the perfume but I think I like the box a little more! 🙈 Well, it’s got colors!


I’m using this box for hand creams, colognes, body sprays and the like. You know, all those bottles that take up space on your dressing table. 😃

 Minions Box

I got this lovely minions mug from a friend of mine. She knows how much I love minions! 😊  Well, a normal person would use the mug for coffee and throw away the box. But not me! Haha!

So first, I used the box to store up my lipsticks, make up brushes and pencils. Basically, it’s a make up box! Especially for those items that are bound to spill or get smeared.


I’m using the cup to keep my stash of highlighters and pens. I sure love having colorful highlighters (colors make me happy!) 😃


So well! There you have it! I’ve managed to reduce the items lying on my dressing table. Plus, I’ve found a way to preserve my favourite boxes without leaving them as junk!

***Have you got some items you just can’t seem to throw out even if they’ve got no use?  

Why not think outside the box and come up with a fun DIY? I’d love to help! ❤😊

Have a fabulous weekend!

PS: Remember to check out Sunday’s post! 😘



Style 101: Work Outfits

Hey guys!

It’s the Weekend Extra post! Woo-hoo! How’s your weekend going? Mine has been pretty lazy with my eyes glued to the screen. I just watched the movie ‘Me Before You’ and it made me shed a few tears. I’m not a fan of tragic endings but this left me torn. Like really, why do people have to die and leave their lovers in pain? (Oops, spoilers!)But it’s really sad! 😦 😦

Moving on, I’ve had some fashion posts in my head I never really get to put up 🙈 so here is one of such. This is more like a mix and match set of outfits for work. Sorry guys, I still haven’t gotten any outfits here for you. But hey, if you’re a guy that’s into fashion we could work something out!  😀

Photo Credit: Likesuccess.com

Work environments differ but the outfits here are pretty simple and very comfy. If your environment isn’t too strict about corporate wears, then you can work with these outfit ideas.

Certain basic things you must have in your wardrobe: 

  1. Blazer- I love blazers and I believe they can turn a casual outfit into something presentable. Boyfriend blazers have the unique blend between masculinity and femininity.  Phototastic-19_07_2016_b841a53c-e3ca-45c0-9b79-06d678939d92
  2. Neutral slacks and skirts – these provide the foundation when building outfits. If your bottoms are toocolourful, it would be a bit confusing when it comes to mixing tops. Keep the bottoms plain and simple (as it’s a work outfit)
  3. Dresses- oh yes! I love dresses because they are super chic. Definitely a must have for any lady!
  4. Basic accessories- these include shoes (both flats and heels), bags, neck pieces, bracelets, earrings and belts. Certain mild rules apply when mixing accessories with outfits. Stick to simple accessories that are work friendly.
  5. Blouses and shirts- I’m not really a fan of tailored and structured shirts (but you’d need more of those in a strict corporate workplace) I really love blouses and chiffon tops though. They are comfortable and quite flattering. Phototastic-19_07_2016_8fe72acf-b621-4277-bf0d-9ad4857779ce

When it comes to dressing, I’ve got certain principles that guide me and I believe everyone should have such when building a personal style. Modesty is key when it comes to dressing (particularly work outfits) I also value comfort a lot and I stick more with comfy cropped pants, light blouses (because of the heat) and shift dresses. I also do more of ballet flat shoes than heels. Sneakers are my favourites whenever I get the chance to use them!

Confession: I love styling my outfits for a month and write them in my wardrobe planner. 🙈 I love helping people sort out their wardrobe for a period of time with a detailed plan to stick with (we all know how exhausting it is to wake up not knowing what to wear). So hey, if you need a wardrobe planer, you’ve got me! (I’m just a mail away!) 😃

Have you got a personal style? Or some signature outfits? Please share!