Day 15 of the Think-Thank Challenge 2019!

Hello there!

I’m hoping by now you’ve caught the Christmas bug because it’s as Christmassy as it gets!!! 😍😍😍

I saw this interesting video of the largest human Christmas tree and I just kept grinning. As if my friend read my mind, he mentioned that he’s certain I would have loved to be a part of that group of Christmassy people. Like yeah!!! ‘‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year!

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Day 7 – TTC 2019

Guess how many days we have before the new year?

19!!! 😱

We’ve got 19 more letters to be thankful for! 💃🏽 Hope y’all are racking your brains for those things that you’re thankful for (big, small, insignificant…)

Here’s the interesting thing about thinking, your brain is able to go back to the memory bank and pull out files you didn’t even know existed. Like, remember that time you spent your last cash, but somehow still made it through? Remember that time a car almost hit you on the highway? Remember that time mom called to say she was ill, but later recovered? How about all the times you’ve entered random cars, and you weren’t robbed? Didn’t you get a new job, phone, spouse etc this year? How about those other things like the muscle-pull after gym that later straightened out? Or that boy/girl you like that finally gave you their numbers and asked to hang out?

The way I look at it, if you think about the bad, it multiplies, and you’ll be stifled from giving thanks. But if you think about the good, it also multiplies and you’ll find more reasons to give thanks! Let’s get to it! 😄

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Day 6 – TTC 2019

Hi guys!!!

It’s day 6 of our annual Think-Thank Challenge!!!! Yasss!! 20 more alphabets to be through! If you’re just joining us, the TTC2019 is about giving thanks using all 26 letters of the English Alphabets. The idea is to get you to think of words that rhyme with each letter and to find things you’re thankful for in 2019.

It’s alright not to be so ‘hyped’ about the year. Perhaps, none of the things you had on your ‘resolutions’ list was done. Maybe you even feel like a failure, a phony, a weakling, or even a disappointment. These feelings are valid. But hey, they don’t define you. Being broken doesn’t change your original blueprint. You, my darling are loved and born for a purpose. Thanksgiving lights something in your heart and helps reset your mind. I hope you can see the greatness God and I see in you! It’s enough to give thanks! So let’s gear up! 😎 Read more

Day 5 – TTC 2019

Well, hello there!!!

Guess what? It’s Day 5 of the 2019 Think-Thank Challenge!!! Is it just me, or are the days flying by so fast??

So hey, If you’re just joining us, the TTC is a fun way of giving thanks using an A-Z thanksgiving list format. Started on the 6th and will last till the 31st of December.

Perspective is everything when it comes to giving thanks. You either see the glass as half full or half empty. I won’t sit here and pretend it’s not ‘normal’ to be overwhelmed by sadness and hopelessness. It is. But in spite of it all, there’s always something to be thankful for. Maybe it’s that person who never left your side, or the money you found in your jean pocket when you were broke, or the stranger that made you smile, or even that person who paid your bus fare. Whatever it is, however trivial it may sound, you need to pen it down and remain thankful for it. All you have to do is hop over to the blog everyday and drop the 5 items you’re thankful for using the letter of the day.

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Think Thank Challenge 2019

Hello guys!

It’s that time of the year!!!! I’m tempted to refer to Christmas, but not this time. It’s our annual Think-Thank Challenge!!!!

So, what is the Think-Thank Challenge?

Simple! It’s a fun way of giving thanks using all the alphabets in the English language. The idea is to think about all that happened through the year (good, bad, ugly) and thank God using the A-Z thanksgiving format. Things may not have turned out the way we planned, but hey, it could have been worse.

Think-Thank Challenge 2019 (#TTC2019) kickstarts from the 6th through to the 31st of December 2019!!!! I’m so excited about this year and I hope to have all of you join in!

I would be posting the 5 things I’m thankful for each day using the alphabet for the day. E.g. for letter A, I’m thankful I’m ALIVE.

How to follow the Challenge:

You can comment with your thanksgiving list on each blog post for the duration of the challenge.

    You can tweet @writersbrain with the things you are thankful for each day of the challenge.
    You can post your thanksgiving list on the Facebook page Dainty M each day of the challenge.
    If you’re an interested blogger, you can carry out the challenge on your blog and drop your link in the comment box for us to follow.

Rules of the Challenge:

  1. Post at least five (5) items you’re thankful for using each letter of the alphabet.
  2. For social media posts, please use the hashtag #TTC2019 or #TTC
  3. You don’t have to post on all channels. Use either twitter or Facebook or just comment on the blog.
  4. Consistency pays! (He who endures to the end shall obtain a prize!) Happy to announce a giveaway for the most consistent person(s)!

Quick Tip:

You can compile a complete A-Z thanksgiving list and just copy and paste in the comment section each day of the challenge as it applies.

*Please feel free to ask any questions! *

I officially nominate you for the Think-Thank Challenge 2019!

Let’s get started!!

My Thanksgiving List for Letter ‘A’

  1. I’m thankful for the AIR I breathe (without having to pay for it.
  2. I’m thankful for days when I haven’t had to deal with ANXIETY this year.
  3. I’m thankful for the ADVENTURES I went on this year!
  4. I’m thankful that God didn’t ABANDON me. Even in times when I felt He had, He never did.
  5. I’m thankful for ANSWERED prayers, even for the minutest requests I asked.

There’s so much to be thankful for! What are you thankful for that starts with an A? 

© Mfon Etuk, 2019

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.

– Charles Dickens