The Frailty of Man

I pondered the frailty of man 

As I trudged through each day 

Weary from the burdens I bear 

What more can I say? 

This morning was the same 

I careened down the street 

With heavy designer bags weighing down my eyelids 

The vanity of living in this world 

Has weighed on my heart heavily 

I’m fagged out of it all 

Unbeknownst to me what was about to befall me 

There she was, crossing the road 

When in the twinkle of an eye 

She was pushed down 

And rolled over by the tricycle 

It could have been worse 

Say a truck or a pathfinder 

I watched her unconscious body sprawled on the road 

In total shock and dismay 

Oh the frailty of man! 

One minute you’re here and the next you’re gone 

Why then do we pursue riches 

Without regarding who would gather it when we’re gone? 


Why do we live as though there is no end? 

Why do we hate and tug at each other in order to be ahead in the rat race? 

Why do we relegate our friends and family to the backseat while our insatiable search for wealth

Takes on front row? 


We are like flowers, 

We bloom, we blossom but we also wither and are no more, 

Oh dear heart, be comforted 

For this isn’t the end 

Death is but a portal to a new life 

©Mfon Etuk, 2016 frailty


Endings are always portals to new beginnings.