Day 28


Day 28: The month you were happiest this year and why

We can all agree that some months are better than others. Some months are long and slow with nothing exciting going on. A few others are fast and full of adventures. Then there are some others that are plain tough and draggy; when 31 days feel like a year because the pain would not go away. But through it all, I recall that there’s a time for everything. A time to be happy and a time to be sad. A time to have the best days and a time to have the worst. For me, the month I was happiest was the end of July to the end of August.



Look Back. Now, Forward!


24 (2)Most people assert that you cannot move forward when you keep looking back. But I say, you need to look in the rearview mirror to reverse your car before you can move forward.  Today, being the mark of my quarter-of-a-century (QOAC) celebration, I’m all about looking back. For a while now, I’ve been obsessing with my childhood photographs and other memory capsules. More

Think-Thank Challenge 2017 (Abridged Version)


A-Z Thanksgiving list!If you can think, you can thank!Happy almost New Year! As it’s the Dainty M. tradition, every December is for the Think-Thank Challenge. Unfortunately, I couldn’t kick-start the challenge early enough this year due to school commitments. Anywho, I hope this still helps you in making your thanksgiving list (if you’ve not made one already). More

Day 26


Letter Z


We’ve reached the last day of the Think-thank Challenge 2016! Woo-hoo!!! *dancing gangnam style* Isn’t it perfect that the prize for finishing comes along with the Boxing Day gifts 😉   More

Day 25


Letter Y


Merry Christmas Ladies and Gents! *Christmas music playing in background* I trust this will be a beautiful day as we celebrate the birth of Jesus who came on earth to save mankind 😊 The best Christmas gift is giving your heart to Him! Please don’t let this year pass you by! More

Day 23


Letter W


Just out of curiosity, are there alphabets in other languages shorter than this? Maybe we could try that next year. Lol. Hold on, it’s the 23rd day of TTC 2016! Just a few days to go! 😀 More

Day 22


Letter V


It’s the 22nd day of the Think-thank Challenge 2016! If you’re still on this challenge, I applaud your endurance! Of course, the prize awaits you at  the finish line 😉 More

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