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DTM: Of Life and Babies

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I love the Lion King. It’s the first cartoon to make me cry; especially that part where Scar let go of Mufasa’s hands so he fell and died. Oh no! Not the waterworks again! One key thing Lion King thought me was the cycle of life.  Continue reading “DTM: Of Life and Babies”

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Lion King; Identity Crisis

I had a post for the week but something else came up that I had to write about. So I was watching Lion King yesterday (after a long time). I think it’s my all-time favourite cartoon! Lots of lessons to learn from it! Well, yesterday I caught a part I had never really paid attention to.

Remember the part where young Simba had to stay with Timon and Pumbaa after his dad died? Well there was this part where he started eating slimy insects along with them. Then it hit me, Simba had completely lost his sense of identity. He didn’t remember He was a king. Clothed in lion skin, he had more or less the mind of a Meerkat and a Warthog.

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Pause. For those of you who haven’t seen the classic Disney cartoon, it’s a beautiful story about a kingdom where the Lion is the king (obviously) and His son (Simba) was to take over when he died. And yeah he (the father, Mufasa) was killed by his brother Scar who wanted to take over the kingdom. Simba blamed himself for the death of his father and ran into hiding and that’s where he made friends with the Meerkat and the Warthog (Timon and Pumbaa). Whew! I hope I described it well.

Okay, so here is a Lion growing up with a meerkat and a warthog and everything seems to be just fine. And he forgets who he is. Well, who wouldn’t want to let go of the memory of being the reason their father died. Until he is finally reminded of his identity by an old friend.

Now this reminds me of another story; the prodigal son in the Bible. This dude thinks he’s ‘all grown up’ and can fend for himself without his father’s help. He collects his inheritance (even when his dad hasn’t died). Apparently the phrase; ‘you’re dead to me’ was real to him. So he sets off to spend all his money in Las Vegas. And then he gets real broke. All his friends leave him and go on to the next big thing. Of all the jobs a guy can get, he settles for feeding pigs (not as if he had many choices- he probably dropped out of school so he couldn’t apply for real jobs) I digress. Yeah, when I say pigs, please don’t think of ‘Babe’ or any cute pig that lives in an exquisite home. This dude is feeding pigs! Gross animals that enjoy playing in the mud. As if that wasn’t enough, he begins to eat their food! Yuck! What’s it with eating unlikely foods? 


Let’s do a quick checkup!

Have you lost your identity? Have you been rolling with a set of people who derail you from your destiny and purpose? Have you started eating meals which are not right for you? (By meals I mean values, habits, attitudes which you may be feeding on from the crew you’re now hanging out with).

Well, reality check!

  1. You are a child of light and you have no business rolling with the dark. (Ephesians 5:11)
  2. You are the child of God and that’s royalty! Stop living like a beggar on the street and go recover your identity in Christ! (1 Peter 2:9)
  3. You are destined to reign! *in Joseph Prince’s voice* 😉 (Romans 5:17)

Please cut off from every association that is not building you up. It takes a long time to build a mansion, but it takes a couple of hours and a little petrol to bring it down. Be mindful of your association. You can easily lose your identity by hanging out with the wrong crowd. Stick with people who remind you of your true identity. Remember, any one you call your friend is a reflection of your person. If you don’t wanna be a pig stop dining with one! Prov 27:17

Let’s conclude the prodigal son’s story; so he has the reality check (above) and decides to go back home. At least, he could be a servant in a tux and a bow tie, he thinks to himself.

Guess what? His dad welcomed him with open arms and threw a party for him! How cool is that? 😀

Tell you what, that’s the same thing our Heavenly Father would do for you when you return back to Him (which should be now, as tomorrow aint guaranteed- Prov 27:1)

Oh yeah, Simba gets reminded of his identity by a cute chic, Nala (women have awesome convincing powers though!) So he finally returns to take back the throne. Yay! Everyone is happy!

It is extremely important to keep friends that remind you of who you really are and encourage you to fulfill your destiny 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Go get back your identity in Christ!

Have a wonderful week!

Much love ❤ ❤

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