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Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas from Mr Claus and I (Ms. Claus), thanks for counting down with us! 🎅🏾🤶🏽

I remember harmattan in the North like a distant memory.

The wind was always cold and crisp.

It could turn bread to stone in a matter of minutes.

The environment was always serene as school kids were on holiday and families had to stay together and relish the joy of the holidays.

Christmas preparations always involved making of ‘chin-chin’ (little fried balls of dough)

It was something that brought my siblings and I together as we’d share the rolling pin (or wine bottle in most cases).

I enjoyed the eating part a little more than the kneading, dough (pun; though)

When you’ve been counting down to Christmas for as long as you can remember 😂❤️

Christmas hair! That was something I looked forward to

Shiny forehead from the generous use of ‘Soul-Mate’ hair cream,

Well plaited Ghana weaving,

Beautifully decorated with hair ruffles,

And I was set for Christmas!

Decorating the house has always been fun for me,

With little or with much, Christmas at home was always perfect,

Mom’s fried chicken, salad and lots of food to feed the neighborhood..

I was taught early that Christmas is about sharing God’s love and joy with others.

I miss the family road trips,

The movement from the drying shrubs in the Northern parts of Nigeria to the denser forest lands of the South,

The pit stops to eat and refuel.

The sleeping, the snacking, the music and sing-alongs,

And finally, meeting of cousins you hadn’t seen in a year.

Christmas shouldn’t be spent alone,

Just like the good news of Jesus’ coming shouldn’t be kept a secret.

I hope you are surrounded by friends and family who make you feel warm on the cold mornings,

And remind you of the beautiful Savior’s love for us.

Merry Christmas!!!

Lots of love,


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10 Things To Do When You’re Bored

I remember how I’d make lofty plans that all hinged on ‘If only I had time for myself’. It’s a lot easier to make these plans when you’re stuck in a routine. But when you get that free time, there’s a huge tendency for you to waste it. If you’re an introvert like me, you may just end up cocooning in your room the whole time without even knowing what the sky looks like.

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I mean, Netflix and junk food isn’t so bad, except it becomes your everyday solace. So here are a few things I’d suggest: Continue reading “10 Things To Do When You’re Bored”

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Home for the Heart

instasquare_2018316135448245I was excited to take a trip back to South-South of Nigeria for the semester break. I knew it was going to be invigorating. I anxiously waited at baggage claim while spotting my mom a short distance away. My tummy twirled, in a good way. I was home, I could feel it. The ride back home was uneventful except when we got pulled over by the police for routine checks. But for once,  I was not bothered. Continue reading “Home for the Heart”

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Style 101- How to Style Basic Tops

Hey guys!

So just after writing on Zombieland, the Lord blessed me with two free days! 😀 Now I get to stay indoors and find fun stuffs to do (asides eating and  watching TV in my pj). One of such for me is playing dress up and taking pictures. Silly as it may sound, I actually enjoy every bit of it and it makes me happy. Sorry guys, I know this may  be pretty hard to relate 🙂

Remember how we turned boredom to creativity last time, well this time I decided to style some good ol’ basic tops in my closet. The first picture is how how the top naturally looks-plain as a bagel. The other two are the outcomes of accessorizing. Have fun!

  1. Plain Pink top
    Photo by me
    Photos by me

    2. Black and White Top

    Photo by me
    Photo by me

    3. Green Top

    Photo by me
    Photo by me

    4. The Plain Black Top

    Photo by me
    Photo by me

    5. Red Top

    Photo by me
    Photo by me

    6. Grey T-shirt 

    Photo by me
    Photo by me

    7. Blue top

    Photo by me
    Photo by me

    8. DIY shirt

    Photo by me
    Photo by me

    Phew! That’s it for now. The key is to play with accessories in transforming a plain ol’ basic top into some super chic outfit.

    Got any basic fashion items you would like us to style? Please drop your suggestions in the comments section. Gracias!

    And hey, how are you spending the holidays? Hope you’re doing something you love. Remember an idle mind is the Devil’s playground. Don’t give room for the devil to do cartwheels in your life. Keep busy. Be creative!

    God bless you! ❤

    Happy holidays!

© Mfon Etuk, 2015

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