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I wander

I wander.

Lost, and angry,

Bland, emotionally,

Head gone,

Dead, Long gone,

Fears, all gone,

Shredded. Torn.

I wander.

I Laugh, but low-key,

Sadness envelopes me.

I Heard one,

Dare another one,

Fair and alone,

Subconscious dead. Long gone.

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Night Files 2


‘One day at a time’, Laila said to herself as she turned off the alarm she had snoozed three times already. She felt the weight of the world on her shoulders as she sat up on the disheveled bed. She couldn’t remember sleeping. There had been a lot of crying and drinking to drown her fears and she fell asleep somewhere in the middle. The pain still gnawed at her heart while she silently whispered ‘Help me God’  Continue reading “Night Files 2”