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24 (2)Most people assert that you cannot move forward when you keep looking back. But I say, you need to look in the rearview mirror to reverse your car before you can move forward.  Today, being the mark of my quarter-of-a-century (QOAC) celebration, I’m all about looking back. For a while now, I’ve been obsessing with my childhood photographs and other memory capsules. More


Home for the Heart


instasquare_2018316135448245I was excited to take a trip back to South-South of Nigeria for the semester break. I knew it was going to be invigorating. I anxiously waited at baggage claim while spotting my mom a short distance away. My tummy twirled, in a good way. I was home, I could feel it. The ride back home was uneventful except when we got pulled over by the police for routine checks. But for once,  I was not bothered. More

Hold Me



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Hold me. 

Don’t let me go.  More

Day 26


Letter Z


We’ve reached the last day of the Think-thank Challenge 2016! Woo-hoo!!! *dancing gangnam style* Isn’t it perfect that the prize for finishing comes along with the Boxing Day gifts 😉   More



xtreemSometimes God uses extreme situations to get our attention. I’ve found this to be true. Days when I’m doing everything right and following my usual routines seem ‘blah’ in comparison to days when I trip and fall into temptation. Days when imperfection is boldly written across my forehead. Such days when I feel like a worthless piece of rag God wouldn’t want to have anything to do with – those are the days when I hear Him. When I feel Him. When I know without a doubt, the undiluted grace of God. You wouldn’t know the gravity of forgiveness until you’ve done something really wrong.   More

I’ve Fallen…What next?



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I remember falling quite a number of times as a kid. I still have some scars to show. Which is normal of course! Kids fall a lot during the growth process. As an adult, I can’t really remember falling face down on the ground. Even when my foot hits a stone, I still manage to regain balance. I think falling down constantly as an adult is problematic.  More



Flowing from F, I couldn’t leave the topic of grace open ended.


I had previously described grace as a gift derived from bloodshed (1 Pet1:18-19). Most of us are also familiar with the definition of grace as unmerited favour. Grace is the gift of God to us.

Why grace? Why couldn’t the world continue following some laws and expressing how good they were based on their strict adherence to such laws? There you have it! Men continued to falter because they couldn’t do it all. So God, being so merciful and also noting that the blood of bulls and lambs weren’t enough had to send His only son down for us. On a lighter note, can you imagine us leading a row of sheep to church on Sundays to obtain forgiveness for all the sins we committed? It would definitely look like a farmhouse!  

Knowing we couldn’t fulfil the laws by ourselves, Christ came and fulfilled the laws. How could He? Despite human constrains? Well, need I remind you that NOTHING can constrain Him! Not even death.

By fulfilling the laws and dying on the cross, Jesus presented unto us grace. How sweet the sound! That saved a wretched like me and you. 

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.- Eph 2:8-9

My name means the ‘Grace of God’ and 23 years down the line, I still can’t fully grasp this amazing phenomenon! Once in a while I even doubt if I’m really saved. You know we humans want to know we got certain things based on our efforts. Days when I do a lot of good stuffs I feel ‘hell yeah! God must be proud of me’ and days when I fall into sin I feel like crap and I can literally see a huge disappointed look across His face. But the truth is He is proud of us all the time. As much as He hates sin, He still loves the sinner.

It’s like a baby who poos in his pants. (I don’t think any one of us likes seeing crap). So yeah I hate the poop but I love the baby! If the baby accepts he pooped, instead of going around stinking and still denying he didn’t poo (it’s crazy how some of us are oblivious to our sins)– if he accepts that he is in a mess and comes back for a cleaning, I would do so by all means! Of course babies accept they are in a mess by crying or just being plain uncomfortable when they crap in their pants. But we could also do that when we sin; cry out to God! He knows we are in a mess but He won’t force us to come for cleaning. He knocks on the door of our hearts and beckons us to come. Only He can clean us from our stinking crap of sin. Maybe remembering how much sin stinks like crap in our pants will help us not to be careless with it. 😉

I cannot do justice to this topic in one post. But you could listen to messages by the likes of Joseph Prince and Creflo Dollar who preach majorly on grace.


Are you still piling up your good works as though they can save you? Are you carrying a stinking pant full of crap (sin)? Accept you are a sinner and turn back to God for cleaning by His blood. Only He can save you.

If you’re someone like that please take a minute to say the prayer below;

Dear Lord, I know I’m a sinner. I ask that you forgive me and cleanse be from my sins. I believe you died and rose for me. I accept you as my personal Lord and Saviour. Come and make my heart your home in Jesus name. Amen 

Heaven rejoices when anyone says that prayer in all sincerity and with faith! Go and get rooted in Bible teaching, faith based church. I’m proud of you! And God is too! 😀

Lots of love,


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