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Fire and Wood

After I typed the title, it made finally made sense why those logs of wood are often called firewood…I think I’m having a blonde moment 🙈

Let’s get to today’s post, shall we?

The scenario we’re gonna work with today is a fireplace with logs of wood burning ferociously. They could burn like that for a long time as long as the igniters are all in play. Now pick out a fiery log. Oh wait; let’s make the fireplace a campfire. So you need that fiery log to find your way through the buses in order to ease yourself or get some food or whatever. The log will serve as a torch for as long as it burns. However, if you go too far for too long, the fire will burn out. I hope I haven’t lost you in the woods…

Now that you’ve caught up, let’s move on. The family of Christ is likened to that campfire with fervent believers burning for the Lord. But that’s not all the believer has been called for. We are the light of the world. So yeah, you would be fulfilling purpose as you march through stark darkness shining the light of God. But hey, if you stay too long without going back to the fireplace, you would burn out. This is why we have church services every Sunday and several midweek services as well as various fellowships.

Not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you seethe Day drawing near. -Heb 10:25 (ESV)

If you’re still not a fan of going to church, you might wanna read this post on why I stopped going to church. The enemy knows the importance of going back to the fireplace and believe me he will do all he can to stop you. He’ll present excuses that seem valid to the human ears and soon enough you find yourself going months without returning to the fireplace.

As a single log of fire in the dark world, your fire is bound to go off if you neglect returning to the fireplace. BTW do you think the world appreciates you shining your light into their eyes and exposing the works of evil? Nope! They don’t. They’ll gladly convince you, persuade you, force you…till your light gets dimmer and you join in the darkness.

You can’t have mid light or mid darkness. There’s no room for lukewarm believers in this evil world. You’re either burning hot or just a cold log of wood in the darkness.

Why so much emphasis on returning to the fireplace? Back to the scenario…the fiery log you took out is getting dimmer as you go farther and stay longer. Then you try to find your way back to the fireplace and toss it back in. You’d be amaze how that log will begin to catch fire again. Remember when I said the igniters have to be in play? The Holy Spirit is the igniter. It’s no surprise that some fireplaces are all burnt out and full of ashes. Some believers have lost the power, love and sound mind. All they’ve become are busy bodies who seek to please the flesh. That’s a sad situation! But there’s always hope…a revival. If such cold and burnt out fireplace of believers humbly set aside ‘self’ and have a total revival, the fire will return!

If you’re firewood without fire, you’re just a wood.


Have you distanced yourself from the church? Do you feel burnt out? Are you a lukewarm believer with a foot in the world and the other in the church? Has your fireplace (church) become cold that no one is on fire for God anymore?

Reignite your fire today by returning to the fireplace. And if your fireplace is burnt out, champion a revival and plead to the merciful Father to ignite you again by the Holy Spirit.

The war is too hot in these last days for you to be cold.

PrayerDear Lord, I’m sorry I have strayed away from the believers to do things my own way. I feel burnt out. The things of God don’t excite me anymore. Please forgive me. Reignite my zeal for your house. Light us up for you. Cause a massive revival to sweep through cold fireplaces. In Jesus name I pray, amen. 

Thanks for reading!

Have a blessed week ahead!

©Mfon Etuk, 2016

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Through the Fire


Lately, I have been going through a lot of crappy things. I sleep with depression and dine with bitterness. Seems like I’ve lost all hope. Close friends are tired of hearing me whine over and over again about it. Every day I read some devotional about how Jesus can get us through the mess or pull us out of the pit- but for some weird reason I feel this isn’t for me. Not another motivational talk please. I’m tired and my mind is completely weary. No one can fully understand the depth of this. Many nights I’ve prayed for Him to come and take me home. Just end my despair please! But that still doesn’t work.

While listening to Joyce Meyer’s teaching yesterday, she said something like God may not change your situation but He will change you. I cringed at the sound of that. Yet another depressing pill to swallow. I and God have been a little distant lately. I mean, I’m going through a lot of crap which no one understands- I’m naïve enough to think God doesn’t really get me. Come on! He’s got the power to end it but chooses not to. I feel betrayed by that! 😦

If I had a kid that was being bullied at school, I’d probably take him out of that school. Can’t have my child crying all day, every day. But with God it’s different. He says stay in the school, I’ll strengthen you to withstand the bullies. I’ll build patience in you to deal with different types of people. I’ll walk with you through the valley of the shadow of death. I’ll be with through the waters, I’ll be with you through the rivers and through the fire (Isaiah 43:2) Gee! Why don’t we use the bridge instead of going through the waters? Why not use fire extinguishers to quench the fire so I could walk through?

I may not fully grasp these things. But I know I can’t keep pushing Him away anymore. Besides, it’s not like I have any alternative place to get solutions from. I only have Him. So I’m laying down my pride and the control reins. I know the situation may not change for a while, but (takes a very deep breath) I’m willing to let Him work the change in me. I know a lot of things in my life have to be burned off through the fire.

I’m not gonna lie and say the process won’t suck. Left to me, I’d rather skip it. But who do we become if we do not overcome challenges that come our way? Who do we become if we continue to avoid pain and displeasure? Not sure I want to find that out. However, I’m certain that the fire won’t consume me because He has promised it won’t. Just as gold has to be tried by the fire, so must we. But we’ll definitely come out more beautiful!

Besides, God is as realistic as any true friend can be; He doesn’t tell us life will be a bed of roses, He reminds us that the thorns are there to prick us back from our daydreams. It may not be literal waters, river and fire we’ll have to go through, but bad stuffs would happen, challenges will arise, tough situations will come. The question is; do you freak out? Sulk like me? Or turn to the one who promised to be with you through it all?


This post talks to me personally and I hope it also speaks to your heart. I pray for the grace to trust God especially in trying times. And that at the end of it all, we’ll share our testimonies together! Thank you for listening to my somewhat uncoordinated train of thoughts today 🙂 You guys are the best! God bless you! ❤ ❤ ❤

Oh please feel free to comment, I’d love to hear from you too!

©Mfon Etuk, 2016