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Day 6

Letter F


It’s the sixth day of the Think-Thank Challenge 2016! I trust your list is coming up well (we haven’t gotten to the harder letters yet) 😉

What are you thankful for that starts with F? 

Remember you could:

  1. Post your list of five items in the comment section
  2. Or tweet at @writersbrain with the five things you’re thankful for
  3. Or post on the Facebook page Dainty M  the things you’re thankful for
  4. Or reblog on your blog and make your own list for other followers to join in

Let’s get it started!

My Thanksgiving List for letter F

  1. I’m thankful for all my FOLLOWERS on the blog- 925 and counting! Thank you Lord! 😊
  2. I’m thankful for the FRIENDS that stayed all year despite my inconsistencies
  3. I’m thankful for my FAMILY that supported me through it all 👪
  4. I’m thankful for my FINANCES, indeed the righteous are never forsaken nor their children begging bread (Ps 37:25)
  5. I’m thankful for God’s FAITHFULNESS all through the year, despite my unfaithfulness

 We can always find something to be thankful for, and there may be reasons why we ought to be thankful for even those dispensations which appear dark and frowning. – Albert Barnes

6 down, 20 to go! 😀

It’s not too late to start writing your A-Z thanksgiving list! Join the challenge! x




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What first 10 songs play when shuffle is on?-Day6

What first 10 songs play when shuffle is on?

The first songs that played with shuffle on were:

  1. Tonight (all of me)- Flame feat J.R
  2. Champion- Jor’dan Armstrong
  3. Take over- Tye Tribett
  4. Sweep me away – Kari Jobe
  5. It’s your life- Francesca Battistelli
  6. Maintain Consciousness- Relient K
  7. You alone- Tye Tribett
  8. Deeper- Meredith Andrews
  9. Know me- Trip Lee
  10. Arithmetic- Brooke Fraser

Strange playlist right? You’d be surprised the kinda songs that play when shuffle is on. And yeah, they are all gospel songs (just incase you were wondering) 😀

I’m not of the school of thought that all gospel songs must be ‘churchy’ or ‘choir-ish’. I like rap, pop, soft rock and slow songs and I’ve discovered that there are actually gospel songs that cut across all the genres I like.

Imagine driving on top speed, with the music pumping so loud and the wind in your hair…what kinda music would be playing on your car stereo? For me, it would be either a song by Lecrae, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo or Tedashi (116 clique). These guys are dope gospel rap artists! You need to check them out if you like rap.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Then for those moments when I’m doing house chores on a Saturday morning, the playlist would be majorly pop with likes of Group 1 Crew, Britt Nicole, Relient K, Plus one, Natalie Grant and a lot more. For the slow songs kinda nights, I’ll have Plumb, Brooke Fraser and Audrey Assad on repeat. For personal worship time with God, I’ll have likes of Hillsong, Jesus Culture and Bethel Music. For soft rock, my go-to artists are Hawk Nelson, Rush of Fools, and Casting Crowns. (Basically, I have a playlist for every mood-I’m weird like that). Plus I know most of these names are unfamiliar. Don’t worry, they aren’t my imaginary friends, they are real artistes 😀

For more home based artists, likes of BOUQUI and Loyiso Bala (South Africa) come to mind (to mention a few).

Photo by me
Photo by me

Basically, what I am trying to say is, there are lots of gospel artists who cut across the various music genres. So whatever genre you feel inclined to, just ask Google for gospel artists who specialize in that genre (Google is ya friend). 😛

Watch out for a post on ‘Mind and Music’ coming out soon.

Your turn…

What are the first 10 songs that play when shuffle is on?

Day 6 down, 25 to go!

Let’s do this!

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