Day 29

Day 29: A picture of myself

Holla people!

Congratulations! We’ve made it this far. And now you’ve unlocked the face behind the challenge ūüėĀ

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Thank you for sticking by me the whole month. Please checkout the grand finale tomorrow by God’s grace.

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Something Not Many Know -Day29

Photos by Me
Photos by Me

Something Not Many Know

Happy weekend guys!

It’s two days more! *sobbing*

This has been fun and I’ve learnt a whole lot from you as well. Thank you guys!

For today’s challenge,I’m¬†gonna say something that¬†most people don’t know.

Hmmm *scanning through memory files*

It’s a tough one though.

Something many people don’t¬†¬†know is that I do believe in fairy tales. I actually believe in a world full¬†of¬†sunshine, beautiful butterflies and castles in the sky. I even dream that a¬†fairy-god-mother would dress me up in some cute dress and a prince charming on a white horse (or Ferrari¬†as the case may be) would come take me for a dance.And we’ll dance all night to the best song ever (One Direction lyrics)¬†That’s so embarrassing, I know! ūüėĬ†

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But it’s interesting though. Such stories give me a picture of how beautiful¬†imaginations can be. Why do we limit our lives to the present realities¬†when we ¬†could build big dreams and establish empires in our minds? Why do people read books or watch movies anyways? Probably cause¬†they want to connect with something higher than what they can see in¬†reality.

Yeah I’m aware that fairy tales aren’t real but I still like¬†them because they¬†are so creative and beautiful. And come on! who doesn’t¬†love Love¬†stories or happy endings? And of course, eating poisonous apples, waking up to true love’s kiss¬†and dancing to soft music under the starry night? Well, I do! Lol.¬†

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Just as I believe in fairy tales and happy endings, I also believe in a place more beautiful than this. A place full of¬†peace and tranquility, where the clouds are like cotton candy,¬†with grand mansions and gold plated streets;¬†with¬†angels singing hallelujah choruses.¬†Heaven!¬†This¬†keeps me going no matter how messed up life gets and it¬†also takes away the fear of death.¬†I am constantly reminded that this world is not my home and someday, I’ll unite with my Father in a place so beautiful beyond imaginations! ūüôā

It’s okay to have imaginations- as a matter of fact have lots of them. Dream about beauty unseen,¬†dream of what you would like the world to be like and then build those dreams. Don’t let them die in the womb. Birth new ideas that would change the world and add value to lives. Be creative! Be a world changer!

It’s always my desire that you live victorious lives!

Day 29 down, 2 to go.

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