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Today’s post is interesting. And I must warn anyone who wants to experiment with it, that this only works 99% of the time. 😁 Let’s dive into it now, shall we!



Day 25


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Merry Christmas Ladies and Gents! *Christmas music playing in background* I trust this will be a beautiful day as we celebrate the birth of Jesus who came on earth to save mankind 😊 The best Christmas gift is giving your heart to Him! Please don’t let this year pass you by! More

Five Things I Hate -Day25


Photos by Me

Photos by Me

5 things I hate

Hmmm, five things I hate *hand on my chin* Hate is a strong word though. I think  I’d rather use ‘dislike’. It’s normal to have dislikes and it’s also important that people respect  that. I’ve seen cases where people make their rules seem pretty clear to the world but overrule those of others. It’s like you want everyone to live by your rules and respect your dislikes and likes but see no reason why you should do same to others. This stuff has got to be reciprocal!

For me,here are some five things I dislike:

  1. Noisy places- this totally gets me nuts! It makes me unbalanced and disoriented-the scowl on my face says it all.
  2. Ill manners- no ‘please’, no ‘sorry’, no ‘excuse me’…Come on! These things are like a,b,c…
  3. Invasion of privacy (nosy)– it’s funny how people who barely know how to paddle their canoes would rather teach someone else how to steer their engine. Respect the personal space  puh-leeze!
  4. Lateness- I hate being late. There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking into a meeting when everyone else is seated. Geez! All those eyes! *shakes head to remove the image*
  5. Horror  movies- way too scary! They could give me nightmares  for a week!

Against  the above backdrop, I’d like to paint a few pictures on respect. I have a friend who hates seeing random stuffs on his desk. He could literally trash anything that isn’t his on the table and I respect that.So, I don’t go dropping my cup on his table just because it’s closer to the door or just cause we’re friends. Yeah, lots of people like using that excuse!

Another instance that could make this clearer is the ‘manners’ part of my  list. For instance, I feel it’s rude to leave someone on the phone while talking to some other person in the background and returning as if nothing happened. Yeah, we are best buds, but you’ve gotta respect the rules. That’s what friends do! 🙂

It’s okay to expect others to respect your likes and dislikes-its normal. But you need to respect those of others bearing in mind that yours doesn’t supersede others. It’s like implementing Nigerian laws on American soil- both laws are important but only valid in their designated territories. So while in Nigeria, you respect Nigerian laws and while in America, you respect the American laws. Enough of the analogies, I’m sure we all get the point. 😉

Let people know what you like or don’t like so you don’t have to be uncomfortable every time things you don’t like are done. But always remember to accord respect to others as well.

It’s my desire that you live victorious lives!

Day 25 down, 6 more to go.

Yippee! We’re getting there.

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