2 out of 29 Things to do!

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Hello! Welcome back to my blog. It’s day two of the challenge!

Today’s Challenge: Spend a day without your phone.

When I turned off my phone at midnight, I wasn’t expecting to stay this long without tapping its smooth black screen and well-rounded curves. The first few hours felt like a patient experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

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Meaning of my blog name -Day2


Technically, my previous post was meant to be on the 1st but I couldn’t get to post it till past 1:00 AM. So, here is the post for day 2.

Photos by Me
Photos by Me

Day 2: Meaning of my blog name

I’m quite glad that this is here because lots of people ask me that.

Well, ‘M‘ is obviously  the initial of my first name, so that’s cleared.

Then ‘Dainty‘  from English dictionaries means:

1. Delicately beautiful

2. Pleasing to the taste

3. Something considered choice to eat

To describe a person or object as dainty, means that they are small, delicate, and pretty.

Synonyms include: delicate, pretty, charming, fine, slight, elegant, refined, graceful.

For the purpose of my blog however, Dainty means something considered choice to read (in this context) as well as referring to me as delicately beautiful, intricately formed by God.

A little confession…

The name came about after many failed attempts at getting a blog name (funny how every name I came up with had already been taken). Conveniently, ‘dainty’ was the word for the day and I was like ‘Oh well! It just might be ‘Dainty M’ and there it is! 🙂

Photo by me
Photo by me

So that’s the meaning of my blog name. 🙂

2 days down, 29 to go!

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