Day 21 – TTC 2019

How did you spend your Christmas? Mine was spent at church, then later with family over a dinner table. Not particularly the way I had dreamt it would be, á la Hallmark movies. Where I would have been off work in the city and somewhere in my country home riding on a crisp white horse with my knight in shining armor (literally!) Having snowball fights (it doesn’t even snow in my country), listening to carolers (nope! Just church choirs), talking about fond childhood memories, and enjoying the magic of Christmas! I guess that’s only in my dreams (and Hallmark, of course!)

No matter how you spent your Christmas, I hope you got to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ and the hope and joy this brought to the world. Whatever season you’re in right now, I want you to know you’re not in it alone, He’s right there with you. Today is the 22nd day of the 26-day Think-Thank Challenge! 5 days to go!!! (Also means 5days before the end of the year, can you believe it?! 🤗

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Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas from Mr Claus and I (Ms. Claus), thanks for counting down with us! 🎅🏾🤶🏽

I remember harmattan in the North like a distant memory.

The wind was always cold and crisp.

It could turn bread to stone in a matter of minutes.

The environment was always serene as school kids were on holiday and families had to stay together and relish the joy of the holidays.

Christmas preparations always involved making of ‘chin-chin’ (little fried balls of dough)

It was something that brought my siblings and I together as we’d share the rolling pin (or wine bottle in most cases).

I enjoyed the eating part a little more than the kneading, dough (pun; though)

When you’ve been counting down to Christmas for as long as you can remember 😂❤️

Christmas hair! That was something I looked forward to

Shiny forehead from the generous use of ‘Soul-Mate’ hair cream,

Well plaited Ghana weaving,

Beautifully decorated with hair ruffles,

And I was set for Christmas!

Decorating the house has always been fun for me,

With little or with much, Christmas at home was always perfect,

Mom’s fried chicken, salad and lots of food to feed the neighborhood..

I was taught early that Christmas is about sharing God’s love and joy with others.

I miss the family road trips,

The movement from the drying shrubs in the Northern parts of Nigeria to the denser forest lands of the South,

The pit stops to eat and refuel.

The sleeping, the snacking, the music and sing-alongs,

And finally, meeting of cousins you hadn’t seen in a year.

Christmas shouldn’t be spent alone,

Just like the good news of Jesus’ coming shouldn’t be kept a secret.

I hope you are surrounded by friends and family who make you feel warm on the cold mornings,

And remind you of the beautiful Savior’s love for us.

Merry Christmas!!!

Lots of love,


Day 19 of the Think Thank Challenge 2019

Well hello there!!! It’s Christmas Eve!!!! And I’m so excited!!! God has been so faithful! He kept to His word when He sent His son to save the world! Joy to the world, people!!!!

That’s how the devil had me today with major moodswings, the type where you switch from the North Pole to the South Pole in just seconds. Which was a bit weird because everyone knew I had been counting down to Christmas for as long as they could remember! But we thank God for joy! And for oh sweet choco at night. Lol.

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Day 13 of the Think Thank Challenge 2019

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I think people should shutdown for the year already, because while our bodies may still be here, our minds are in Ibiza. Well, maybe not Ibiza but under our duvets on cold mornings, and in front of the TV at night binge-watching Hallmark Christmas Movies, drinking your favorite beverage. Even just typing this makes me see myself cozying up. Reality hits when I look outside at the traffic that has plagued us this week. I can’t tell if people are traveling outta Lagos or coming in. Sighs. What I’d give for some peace and quiet in a country house close to the lake and surrounded by nature. Here I go dreaming again! Haha.

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Day 12 – TTC 2019

It’s getting Christmassy by the minute! Though, I actually started playing Christmas songs way in November. Lol. But hey, I’ll be sharing some reasons I love Christmas so much pretty soon. I mean, it’s literally the best time of the year—kinda like saving the best for the last. So when I’m on my Christmas high, I don’t take it too seriously when life throws shit at me. And I hope you catch the Christmas bug from just reading my posts!

In the spirit of Christmas, let’s continue our Think-Thank Challenge 2019! It’s a fun way of giving thanks using the alphabets in the English language. We’ve been on this from the 6th of December and it’s gonna last till the 31st. What a way to wrap up the year with a thankful heart! I’m so excited yoooo!!!!! Christmas is here! Christ was born! And helloooo!!! It’s JOY to the world from here!!! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽😁😁🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾😀😀

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